Top 10 Traffic Building Mistakes To Avoid

Written by James Leckie

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Page design and marketing are inseperable. Once you've attracted your visitors, your traffic building exercise has gone well and your site looks good, what are you offering which will encourage return visits? Regular site updates are very useful since your site will appear active and worth revisiting. The most successful sites we've worked on have been regularly updated. After allrepparttar effort you've gone to in gaining traffic, it's worth considering how to hang on to it.

Messy Code

Afterrepparttar 127908 search engine robots have visited your site, they'll seerepparttar 127909 meta information first, then they'll scan your page forrepparttar 127910 first chunk of relevant text. A large number of sites have cluttered code (Javascript usually) afterrepparttar 127911 meta tags. This will not help your search engine ranking sincerepparttar 127912 relevant text will be too far downrepparttar 127913 page. Try hivingrepparttar 127914 Javascript code (or similar) into another file and refer to it fromrepparttar 127915 HTML.

Beware of Rogue "Experts"

Before handing your hard earned money over to "Site Submission Experts", be sure to find out exactly what you're getting. They may claim to be able to submit your site to "30,000 engines", but let's be honest, there's only a handful which create almost allrepparttar 127916 search traffic onrepparttar 127917 web, so you can submit yourself. Some firms claim to guarantee you a Top 20 ranked page - yes, if your search phrase is 8 words long. It's not that easy in reality. Reputable firms can help you optimize your pages, and advise you on how best to market your site to your target audience, so best to do some homework first.


Building traffic is an ongoing activity. After your initial hard work, you should check your pages onrepparttar 127918 engines and "tweak" them ifrepparttar 127919 results aren't as you expected. Traffic isrepparttar 127920 oxygen ofrepparttar 127921 Internet and your site is dead without it, so regularly give your code a tune-up and resubmit if necessary. Don't oversubmit though. If you look at your server logs, you'll seerepparttar 127922 major engine robots visiting on a regular basis, they'll pick up your changes soon enough if you can afford to wait a week or so.

Allrepparttar 127923 best with your traffic building efforts!

James Leckie is editor of - the small business portal and - the web promotion portal.

Pay-Per-Clicks . . . One Way to Boost Traffic to Your Web Site

Written by Robin Nobles

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Advantages to Working withrepparttar Pay Engines

The pay engines offer many advantages to Web site owners, including:

1. If you have a brand new site with little or no visibility and no link popularity,repparttar 127907 pay engines are certainly a way to get started fast while you wait for your standard search engine marketing efforts to kick in and take effect.

2. Pay-per-click engines are ideal for holiday promotions, special sales, or to jump start slow engine traffic.

3. Withrepparttar 127908 pay engines, you have instant visibility in whichever search engines display those results.

4. You choose your rankings, depending on how deep your pocket book is.

5. If some of your keywords aren't performing, you can choose other ones.

6. You only pay for clicks to your site, so you can target your traffic byrepparttar 127909 keywords you choose.

7. With regular optimization efforts, it's sometimes difficult to achieve top rankings if you're in a highly competitive field. Withrepparttar 127910 pay engines, you pay for your rankings, and VOILA! You're there!

8. Purchasing keywords is certainly easier and less time consuming than optimizing your pages.

9. With regular engines, when algorithms (or ranking criteria) change, you can find yourself booted out of your top spot. Withrepparttar 127911 pay engines, as long as you're willing to hand outrepparttar 127912 cash, you'll be on top.

10.You can target your audience based onrepparttar 127913 keywords you choose. Most Web sites have multiple target audiences, so pay-per-click keywords are a way to reach each of those target audiences.

11.Pay-per-click is generally less expensive than traditional advertising media.

12.With pay-per-click engines, you don't have to worry about design strategies that could mean death to a Web site otherwise. Is your entire site one huge Flash movie? No problem, if you go throughrepparttar 127914 pay engines.

Tips for Boosting Your Chances for Success withrepparttar 127915 Pay Engines

When working withrepparttar 127916 pay engines, it takes practice to achieve a level of success. So, start out slowly, and keep a tight rein on your budget. As you become better at crafting titles and descriptions and choosing highly targeted keywords, you’ll gradually be able to increase your budget, if you choose.

Here are some additional tips:

1. It's not always best to be #1. Many compulsive "clickers" automatically click onrepparttar 127917 #1 result when they have no real interest in buying your products or services.

2. Be sure to include your keyword phrase inrepparttar 127918 title and description you create atrepparttar 127919 pay engines. Take special care in creating a description for your site, since withinrepparttar 127920 top three slots,repparttar 127921 best description getsrepparttar 127922 most traffic, as a general rule.

3.Your keywords must be relevant torepparttar 127923 content of your pages. Overture is particularly careful about this.

4. Choose very targeted keywords so that you don't pay for needless click throughs. Don’t ever choose a general keyword, because your costs will skyrocket butrepparttar 127924 traffic won’t convert to sales.

5. Spend time researching your keyword choices at Overture's Search Term Suggestion Tool

or my favorite, WordTracker:

6. Generally, you'll have more success if you purchase 10- 20 keywords as opposed to just a few.

7. Choose a broad range of keywords and bid prices and testrepparttar 127925 waters. Watch your keywords carefully. Non-productive keywords should be eliminated and new, more productive keywords should be purchased instead.

8. For Overture, consider purchasing a "Premium Listing," which means that you holdrepparttar 127926 1st, 2nd, or 3rd ranking for your keyword phrase. Why? Because engines like AltaVista and Lycos showrepparttar 127927 first listings only.

9. Set up a separate "tracking" page to send your pay engine traffic. In order to show whether or notrepparttar 127928 cost is worth it, you need to be able to track your click throughs and sales. Don't send pay engine traffic to your home page.

10.Write your title and description using “objective” language rather than “subjective.” In other words, don’t say that your product or service isrepparttar 127929 best or #1 (subjective). Rather, list some ofrepparttar 127930 benefits of your service that make it unique (objective).

In Conclusion

You’ll find many benefits to purchasing keywords through pay-per- click engines, but you need to learn some basic guidelines before you get started. By doing so, you’ll hopefully find more successful when working withrepparttar 127931 pay engines.

Robin Nobles teaches 2-, 3-, and 5-day hands-on search engine marketing workshops thru in locations across the globe as well as online courses at Robin's partner, John Alexander, recently published an e-book titled, “Wordtracker Magic," at (which offers great tips for helping you learn how to focus on your target audience.)

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