Top 10 Tips to Promote Your Books Through Flyers

Written by Judy Cullins

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6. Put ordering information on a coupon atrepparttar flyer's bottom. Include ISBN number, Web site URL, and discount information.

7. Make it easy to buy. Say you accept credit cards, checks or money orders. Include your 800 number.

8. Give your buyers allrepparttar 124484 ways to stay in touch with you-street address, e-mail, Web Site, local phone and fax number, and 800 number.

9. Carry at least 25 flyers with you in a folder. Give one to every person you meet. Rememberrepparttar 124485 "law of seven." After seven exposures, you have a buyer!

10. Userepparttar 124486 backside ofrepparttar 124487 flyer. Multiply buying results with more testimonials onrepparttar 124488 back. Include a longer excerpt from your book.

Your flyer is an extension of your book, and one ofrepparttar 124489 least expensive ways to market with print. Print hundreds, even thousands so your book buying public can easily purchase your book.

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Why Marketing In Magazines Is a Great Bang For Your Buck

Written by Kahlia Hannah

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One smart thing to do when advertising in a magazine forrepparttar first time is to do a split run test. Think up two or three different headlines for your ad that you think will bring in responses. Askrepparttar 124483 magazine to splitrepparttar 124484 ads, meaning that one headline will go into halfrepparttar 124485 issues printed whilerepparttar 124486 other headline goes intorepparttar 124487 rest. You can code responses with numbers, coupons, or a verbal phrase in order to find out which headline receivedrepparttar 124488 most attention. The next time you runrepparttar 124489 ad, you will know which headline worksrepparttar 124490 best.

Persistance is key. If you run your ad in a magazine once or twice, don't expect an influx of business. People will begin to recognize and trust your namerepparttar 124491 more they see it. Try running ads over a longer perid of time. Many magazines have special deals whererepparttar 124492 lengthier period of ad space you purchaserepparttar 124493 cheaperrepparttar 124494 ads become.

Tell your customer inrepparttar 124495 ad to call or write or email for free information. Any time you get a response, you can send a motivating sales letter and brochure to them to really grab their attention.

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