Top 10 Tips For Taking Road Trips With Kids

Written by Kat Saveal

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7. Play car games. A favorite of ours is ‘Cops and Vette’s’. One point is given for every police car spotted and two points are given for Corvette’s. But if you call a car and it’s not correct then you deductrepparttar points. It even helps to spot that hidden police car before he spots you!

8. Bring plenty of pillows and blankets. Children are more likely to sleep inrepparttar 140478 car if they are comfortable.

9. If you plan to stay somewhere overnight before travelingrepparttar 140479 next day, pack everything you need forrepparttar 140480 night in one bag. That way when you get torepparttar 140481 hotel you don’t have to unloadrepparttar 140482 whole car. I buyrepparttar 140483 biggest Ziploc bags I can find and put my children’s clothes in them and write their name on it. Then I only take what is needed.

10. Checkrepparttar 140484 hotels to see if they offer free breakfast. Our favorite hotel to stay in is Holiday Inn. Kids stay and eat free. If we arrive atrepparttar 140485 hotel inrepparttar 140486 evening, they can eat dinner for free and then breakfastrepparttar 140487 next morning. Once again it saves on costs, especially if you pack your own lunch.

I hope these tips help you on your next road trip.

Kat Saveal Co-owner, The Cue Zone

Advantages of a Weekend-Getaway

Written by Jolana Klobouk

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New Discoveries

Often you may not consider visiting a particular area or city for a long stretch but a few days doesrepparttar trick. There are many places you can go and see where three days is enough. Instead of two week long vacations, you could pack in 4 weekends and visit 4 different destinations!

It Can Be As Exotic or Low Key As You want

Depending on your travel time, Mexico, Canada and US destinations are all do-able for North Americans for shorter jaunts. Many cruise lines now also offer 3-day packages.

It’s a Great Way to Celebrate

Do you have a special occasion coming up? An anniversary, birthday or another special day. Is there a long weekend onrepparttar 140477 horizon? What a great way to make it really special.

Whether you are going to travel withrepparttar 140478 family or as a couple for a romantic weekend,repparttar 140479 sky isrepparttar 140480 limit. You will come back feeling refreshed and rejuvenated and wondering when you can go again!

Jolana Klobouk is a former travel agent who has traveled extensively for work and vacations with her family. For more travel information, visit her travel websites: and

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