Top 10 Tips For TV Interview Success

Written by Joanne Mallon

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7. What to wear – avoid spots, stripes (including pinstripe shirts and suits) and small patterns – they makerepparttar camera go squiffy (‘strobing’ to be precise). Also avoid all black and white.

8. Ensure that everything about you is congruent withrepparttar 134952 message you are giving. If your message is sober, dress accordingly (leaverepparttar 134953 Homer Simpson tie at home).

9. Remember that virtually everyone who ever appeared on television (including famous people) felt nervous beforehand. Nerves just show you that you’re part ofrepparttar 134954 human race. Use your nerves to create energy.

10. Use your appearance to give yourepparttar 134955 most benefits. Tell your past, present and future clients all about it and if possible include a link to it on your website.

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Joanne Mallon was a producer for all of the UK's leading TV channels including the BBC, ITV and GMTV. She has coached thousands of people through TV interviews, from novices to famous celebrities. She now helps women in the media achieve their potential and helps businesses attract publicity. For your free media marketing ezine visit or email

Home Floor Plan Designing for your future Home

Written by Robert Kempe

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Location of your new dream home is also a factor. Doesrepparttar neighborhood have houses similar to your style? Is there a variety of home styles? Do research on what type of neighborhood it is. Are there neighborhood, city or county ordinances that might affect your lifestyle? Make a list of allrepparttar 134951 pro’s and con’s of each of your choices of sites, narrow it down to your top 3 to 5 and seriously think about allrepparttar 134952 factors that might influence your decision. You don’t always wantrepparttar 134953 perfect size or shaped lot if there are ordinances that will effect how you use it. Be careful.

Make sure you have no surprises. Ask your real estate agent for a list of permits necessary to build your dream home onrepparttar 134954 lot you chose. If they will not provide this, then go to your city and county and getrepparttar 134955 list. Make sure your construction contactor provides all of these permits in their contract with you.

Local codes can also surprise a lot of dream home builders. Askrepparttar 134956 architect that doesrepparttar 134957 signed blue print on your floor plans to research local codes that may or may not affect your floor plan and dream home design. Homework pays. You can save yourself a lot of money and time if you do your homework up front.

I have worked 15 + years as an Industrial construction and Engineering manufacturing project manager and a part time home inspector. My experience in the construction industries has given me insight that many people find valuable.

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