Top 10 Reasons to Retreat for Leaders and Managers

Written by Gala Gorman

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5.Showcase your disciplines of leadership. In order to fully benefit fromrepparttar synergy that can be created when everyone is working onrepparttar 119525 same game plan,repparttar 119526 players must knowrepparttar 119527 talents available torepparttar 119528 team and how to use them for maximum results. The retreat provides an opportunity to highlight individuals and share their contributions in a way that promotes solidarity. 6.Demonstrate collaborative management. The master-mind experience can be very powerful. The process of collaboration transcendsrepparttar 119529 concept of “two heads are better than one”. When an organization’s leadership begins to employrepparttar 119530 ideas of people outside ofrepparttar 119531 traditional decision-making track, innovation becomes commonplace.

7.Grow managers into leaders. An organization’s managers can get bogged down in daily activities and inhibitrepparttar 119532 growth ofrepparttar 119533 organization. When managers are challenged to become leaders, there is a change in their thought process. It is no longer enough to just getrepparttar 119534 job done. The leader considers consequential implications of decisions made focusing on what is best for all stakeholders.

8.Recognize individual contributions. Just receiving an invitation to participate inrepparttar 119535 organization’s retreat is recognition of an individual’s contribution to past successes. Having their work recognized is cited time and again asrepparttar 119536 major factor related to satisfaction with a person’s work. When planningrepparttar 119537 retreat, it is important to considerrepparttar 119538 recognition factor in venue selection.

9.Inspire independent thinking. An organization is only as good asrepparttar 119539 people it employs to deliver its goods and services. Those people must be creative problem-solvers while constantly keepingrepparttar 119540 vision and goals in focus. In an environment of trust and openness independent thinking is worthrepparttar 119541 risk. Duringrepparttar 119542 retreat, participants increase their knowledge and, consequently, power to think. 10.Realizerepparttar 119543 full potential of participants. In every organization there are untapped resources. Those resources exist in human potential more than any other area. There is an invisible “force”, if you will, that is created by bringingrepparttar 119544 participants together inrepparttar 119545 retreat experience. Everyone involved wants to be their best and give their all. There are resources that are made available which would otherwise be beyond reach.

YES…a carefully crafted retreat can accomplish all ofrepparttar 119546 above and more. So, what does it take to have a successful retreat?

Fromrepparttar 119547 outset you need to viewrepparttar 119548 retreat as an investment in your business. At a minimum, there will be a significant contribution of time in planning and in taking your leadership out of operations onrepparttar 119549 day ofrepparttar 119550 retreat. You might decide that it makes sense to hire a professional facilitator or to use a facility that is well-suited to a retreat experience.

To ensure that you reap allrepparttar 119551 rewards possible fromrepparttar 119552 retreat, there are many things to consider. Fromrepparttar 119553 invitation list torepparttar 119554 venue and everything in between,repparttar 119555 success ofrepparttar 119556 retreat will be a direct reflection of what went into its planning.

What are you waiting for? Start planning your retreat TODAY!

According to Gala, “Retreat facilitation is one of the most rewarding things she does.” Gala holds a Master’s Degree in Human Development, is a certified public accountant, certified financial planner, published author, executive development coach and business consultant with over 25 years of experience. She can be reached at (702) 386-4111 or by e-mail at

Develop Your Managers and Keep Your Staff

Written by Lorraine Pirihi

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Ask for direct feedback from your people. This can work however it may also be very confronting and you may not getrepparttar real truth. Often people will not voice how they really feel for fear of repercussions or because they know that whatever they say will fall on deaf ears!

Get coached A good coach will help you enhance your skills to berepparttar 119524 best you can be. Ensure whoever you use is external torepparttar 119525 business. We can also help you in that area. Just send us an email for more details.

Be Aware

Take a look around you. Are your people happy? Do they enjoy coming to work? When you speak to them are they generally positive or negative in their responses? Is there a high turnover of staff or is your team stable? Considerrepparttar 119526 absenteeism rate. Are your people often away from work? These are a few questions to ask yourself.

Encourage regular feedback from your people. Ask them individually and as a group what they think & how can you be a better manager? What can be improved? What do they like about their work,repparttar 119527 people,repparttar 119528 industry,repparttar 119529 management etc.

You can also choose to do nothing, which is not a good option. Don't wait until a crisis occurs.

A business owner I know said everything was fine. He said his staff were happy although he never did anything to pro-actively ensure they were. His perception was that he believed all was well because no-one complained. He only acted if a problem was brought to his attention. One week, three of his key people resigned. They had enough ofrepparttar 119530 owner's poor leadership skills. The loss of those people nearly broughtrepparttar 119531 business down.

So stay on top of things, be proactive, ask questions and take nothing for granted.

The success of any business is a reflection of its leadership. Lead fromrepparttar 119532 top.

Lorraine Pirihi, principal of The Office Organiser is Australia's Personal Productivity Specialist. She is also a Business and Life Coach.

Take action today! Contact Lorraine to discuss how she can help you on (613) 9532 5497 or email

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