Top 10 Little Used SEO Strategies

Written by Lewis Leake

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4. If these top sites have discussion boards or forums then participate. Post questions, answer other peoples questions, and join in on conversations. Just make sure that you include your signature file and link atrepparttar end of your messages.

5. Askrepparttar 141302 owner ofrepparttar 141303 web site about trading advertising. If you don't get as much traffic as they do, you could throw in some extra incentives or put their ad on more of your web pages.

6. Giverepparttar 141304 web site a testimonial for their product or service. Include a text link for your web site withinrepparttar 141305 testimonial. They just might include it in their ad copy.

7. Post your text link on their free-for-all links page, if they have one. You may want to go back and post your link regularly so it stays towardsrepparttar 141306 top.

8. If they have a free classified ad section then post your ads there. Make sure that you have a killer headline so their visitors will click on your ad.

9. If they have a guest book, sign it. Leave a short but sincere compliment about their web site. Be sure to include your signature file and link atrepparttar 141307 end of your message.

10. Propose a cross promotion deal withrepparttar 141308 web site. You could promote each others products or services in a package deal. You get your site mentioned and links back to your web site.

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Your Search Engine Optimization Strategy: Make Love, Not War

Written by Scott Buresh

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I consistently hear from companies who are puzzled as to why their expensive, cutting-edge website is perpetually outranked by a site of perceived inferior quality – “our website is better than theirs” or “we are a much bigger company” are common remarks. Beauty is, as always, inrepparttar eye ofrepparttar 141214 beholder. The sites that consistently rank highly are almost always using optimization methods that offer something of value to people who enteredrepparttar 141215 search query. Search engines care as much aboutrepparttar 141216 size of a company or how much it spent on its website about as much as they care about what you had for breakfast this morning (I had blueberry muffins, but Google hasn’t called to ask).

The advantages torepparttar 141217 “partnership” search engine optimization strategy are numerous. Rather than chaserepparttar 141218 ever-changing technical attributes that can get you short-term results, you instead use optimization methods that leverage your company’s knowledge of your industry to create something useful forrepparttar 141219 searcher. You can improve your website and offerrepparttar 141220 information and products that prospects are seeking, even if those prospects are inrepparttar 141221 earliest stages ofrepparttar 141222 buying cycle. In general, you will not have to watch your rankings swing wildly based upon new spam filters and algorithm shifts, and thus will enjoy a higher level of predictability when it comes to your website (although with search engines, there are never any guarantees). Since you aren’t constantly forced to re-address your site’s search engine optimization methods, you’ll have more time to focus on other online marketing areas that need attention, such asrepparttar 141223 website’s conversion rate, an e-newsletter, or online PR.


It’s a fact that websites rise and fall inrepparttar 141224 rankings allrepparttar 141225 time. The only real constant is thatrepparttar 141226 sites of TRUE value,repparttar 141227 ones that offer something relevant and important torepparttar 141228 searcher, are generally always nearrepparttar 141229 top – even afterrepparttar 141230 latest algorithm shift has sentrepparttar 141231 “adversarial” crowd into a frenzy of activity as they attempt to reformulate their search engine optimization strategy.

While it may take a little extra effort, I like to think ofrepparttar 141232 relationship with search engines as a “partnership” in a real sense. We use optimization methods that applyrepparttar 141233 attributes search engines have deemed to be valuable to a website, which improves bothrepparttar 141234 website andrepparttar 141235 website’s search engine rankings. The search engines, in turn, send highly-targeted visitors who have shown an interest in your industry, products, or services. Sure, it may seem that we get more out ofrepparttar 141236 deal, butrepparttar 141237 engines don’t complain. They haven’t even acknowledged our partnership.

Scott Buresh is managing partner of Medium Blue Search Engine Marketing. His articles have appeared in many publications, including ZDNet, MarketingProfs, & SiteProNews. He also contributed to Building Your Business with Google For Dummies (Wiley, 2004). Medium Blue’s clients include Georgia-Pacific, DuPont, & Boston Scientific. To receive Scott’s monthly articles, sign up for Medium Blue’s e-newsletter at

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