Too Many Chiefs

Written by Dan Reinhold

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"Dad, Dad!! I found four new clubs and two more sports to join!!!"

"Barroo! Woof! Barrroooooo!!!!" (Beagle-ese, in case you're not fluent).

And on, and on, and...

BUT...when you work at home, you can control your bosses (somewhat) by letting them all knowrepparttar schedule YOU need and insisting they abide by it. If you don't, you'll have one less boss...yourself.

Oh, excuse me...The cat is having litter box issues.

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Why You Need A Business Plan!

Written by BB Lee

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- A resume of your background. - A description of your product or service; - An analysis ofrepparttar current marketplace situation; - Problems and opportunities facing your company; - A market analysis showing your targeted customers. - Realistic objectives relating to sales, market share and profits. - An explicit statement of marketing strategy. - A detailed plan for carrying out your marketing strategies. - Budgets and projected profit and loss statements; - Integration of manufacturing and financial plans withrepparttar 117328 marketing.

As you can seerepparttar 117329 content of your business plan is crucial to your overall success. It will determine how well you manage, plan, and reach your projected goals.

If you are determined to start a successful business that will be around forrepparttar 117330 long run NOW isrepparttar 117331 time to start working on that new business plan!

Resource! BUSINESS PLAN WORKSHEET Solid outline to guide you in drafting a business plan.

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