Too Good to Be True??

Written by Nicole Seekely

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*!*! LENGTH OF AVAILABILITY *!*! As I see it,repparttar longer that freebie is out on repparttar 119082 market,repparttar 119083 less chance you'll see it in your mailbox. A good, quality freebie is uaully in high demand with thousands upon thousands of requests per day. How can a company afford to spend so much money? They only can to a certain extent.

For example,repparttar 119084 typical length for a free t-shirt offer to be available is 1-2 weeks. By two weeks,repparttar 119085 company has probably gotten over 50,000 requests. Now, if they keep up at this pace, they'll be bankrupt in a month. That's whyrepparttar 119086 offer only lasts a week; so they can afford it. Any longer meansrepparttar 119087 company probably isn't sending anything out. Hence, they're scamming you just to get some information from you.

I'm not stating that everything I've said applies 100% to every freebie or company. There are ALWAYS exceptions. Tons of free offers are out there onrepparttar 119088 internet. You've just got to have a watchful eye.

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Thump, Thump... Opportunity Knocks

Written by Joe Chapuis

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Do you see what I see? Let me spell it out for you:

Hundreds of millions of people with access torepparttar internet andrepparttar 119081 means to use it aren't online because they don't know how to use it!

Are you looking for business ideas? Do you understandrepparttar 119082 internet? Can you explain things so simply that it can be understood byrepparttar 119083 average (non-technical) person?

If you answered "yes" to those questions, then congratulations - you may be on to something. And if you just felt a sudden "whack" along siderepparttar 119084 head, don't worry, it was just opportunity knocking.

Wishing you much success...

Joe Chapuis is a self-employed internet business consultant and online publisher who swears he'll never work for someone else again. His free report: The 10 Commandments of Online Success™ and free email newsletter will show you how to get "amazing results online, fast." Subscribe Here » » »

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