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Written by John Gergye

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That fact makes these orphans super simple to rank inrepparttar top 10 for. Especially since many ofrepparttar 128230 competing pages aren't even optimizedrepparttar 128231 least little bit.

But hold on. Let's not high five all around just yet. There's a tradeoff. As I suggested lack of competition is a sure sign such terms aren't searched for often. Maybe no more than a mere handful of times each day in Google.

Okay so how do we make lemonade out of those lemons?

The best way to make this tactic work is to find a ton of these terms. And don't worry. Most niches are loaded with orphan keywords.

Then here's your next step. Simply create content pages that each focus on two, or at most three, of these small fry.

Put up 100 such pages and you've probably got 250 of these 9 or fewer competing pages phrases covered.

To get to 100 pages all you do is create four pages a day - five days a week. If you miss a day make it up overrepparttar 128232 weekend. But byrepparttar 128233 end of five weeks you'll have 100 pages hard at work for you. Now that's not so hard now is it?

Even better these orphans come with a collective traffic jolt you wouldn't expect.

I'm looking at one list of orphan keywords that shows 309 daily searches in Google. Another came in around 513. Whilerepparttar 128234 orphans for a third niche had over 1876 Google searches each day according to Wordtracker!

Given all that I casually suggested this micro traffic idea to a friend with an already successful web site. In other words he wasn't hurting for traffic. Which made this a no lose proposition for him to test.

About four weeks later he excitedly reported his traffic had doubled! That's right doubled. That got my attention. Should get yours too. Because this orphan keyword strategy is a surefire way to get top 10 rankings for a whole host of lesser keyword phrases. Giving you near exclusive access torepparttar 128235 traffic that comes with them. While leavingrepparttar 128236 bruising battles forrepparttar 128237 hyper competitive terms to someone else.

Pretty clever, huh? Absolutely.

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Google PageRank Explained

Written by Tony Zhu

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The answer to this question varies greatly between different sites. Sometimes a couple links from other PR7 or PR8 pages will do. Onrepparttar other hand, you may need hundreds of backlinks from PR3 or PR4 pages.

7. I've acquired many backlinks to my site. Why isn't my PR improving?

There are many reasons why you may not be seeingrepparttar 128229 results. First of all, if you see PR5 for a page,repparttar 128230 real PR may be PR5.0000 to PR5.9999. You have no way of knowingrepparttar 128231 exact PR of your site. Thus, you are simply not seeingrepparttar 128232 results. Secondly, Google might have done a PR algorithm update. Lastly,repparttar 128233 PR ofrepparttar 128234 pages that are giving you incoming backlinks might have changes, thus changing your PR as well.

8. How often do PR change?

Results may vary (a week to six months).

9. Why is my PR inrepparttar 128235 Google Directory different than my toolbar PR?

Google uses a different scale for measuring PageRank inrepparttar 128236 Google Directory.

10. Why is it so much harder to go from PR6 to PR7 than from PR5 to PR6?

Google Pa geRank value goes up logarithmically. (i.e. going from PR9 to PR10 may look likerepparttar 128237 same as going from PR1 to PR2, but is actually 1000 times more difficult). The exact logarithmic scale is unknown, but there has been speculation that it may be around 5. (i.e. going from PR2 to PR3 is 5 times more difficult than going from PR1 to PR2)

11. I just lost all my PR!

Don't panic just yet! Check to see if your PR is white-barred or grey-barred (white or grey inrepparttar 128238 PR ind icator). If it is white barred, then your PR will probably come back. However, if your PR is greyed, then it means that Google saw your site as having used unethical SEO techniques (e.g. selling/buying PR, keyword stuffing). Also, Google sees and as two different pages. In this case,repparttar 128239 PR ofrepparttar 128240 page is spread between these two UR Ls.

12. If PR is virtually useless, then why is it so expensive to "buy"?

Overrepparttar 128241 years there have been many misconceptions about PR. Sites with higher PR claim that PR is valuable so that they can make more money selling links. Gradually,repparttar 128242 misconceptions quietly built up.

13. What's up withrepparttar 128243 PageRank formula I see onrepparttar 128244 Net?

You may have seen a formula to determine PR. I cannot say thatrepparttar 128245 formula is untrue, but it'srepparttar 128246 implementation ofrepparttar 128247 formula that is in question. Just remember,repparttar 128248 Internet is NOT all about PageRank!

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