Tons of Tomatoes From A Small Space

Written by Jean Fritz

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Place your tomato plants every 18” around outside ofrepparttar cage, and tierepparttar 116195 stems loosely torepparttar 116196 wires ofrepparttar 116197 cage. Use soft material such as old socks, panty hose, or jute twine. Be sure that allrepparttar 116198 "branches" ofrepparttar 116199 plant are secured; otherwise, you may find your plant splitting in two fromrepparttar 116200 weight ofrepparttar 116201 growing tomatoes. Water your tomato plants by aimingrepparttar 116202 stream towardrepparttar 116203 middle ofrepparttar 116204 tomato cage. This will leach outrepparttar 116205 beneficial nutrients and active microorganisms fromrepparttar 116206 compost and send it straight intorepparttar 116207 ground, offering your tomato plants a feeding with every watering. Asrepparttar 116208 season progresses, you may find your tomato plants creating small “nubs” alongrepparttar 116209 side ofrepparttar 116210 stem that facesrepparttar 116211 tomato ring. These “nubs” arerepparttar 116212 beginning of feeder roots; letrepparttar 116213 plant send these roots intorepparttar 116214 compost insiderepparttar 116215 ring. The more rootsrepparttar 116216 plants create,repparttar 116217 more resistant they will be to drought-induced stress, insects, and diseases. By midsummer, your tomato plants will be decked with red, gold, pink and orange fruits randomly placed, making your compost area look like a William Morris print. Now it's time to harvest, slice, grabrepparttar 116218 salt shaker, munch, and watch your favorite movie in air-conditioned comfort.

The author is a freelance writer, market farmer (organic) and cat-lover. Her farm, KittyVista Organics, is located 30 miles east of Indianapolis, Indiana.

Complete your bookshelves with bookends

Written by Johann Erickson

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Are your books lined up neatly in a bookshelf? Don’t be afraid to jazz it up a bit. Takerepparttar books out ofrepparttar 116194 case and divide them according to subject. Chances are good that you will have several titles per subject. Then purchase bookends in a style that matchesrepparttar 116195 subject matter. Arrange them in groups on your bookshelf along side framed pictures, decorative plates, or vases.

Book ends provide an opportunity to infuse your personality or interests into a room. Because they serve a dual purpose, book ends are a justifiable decorating expense. You can preserve your books while adding a new element or focal point to your living spaces.

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