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Written by ReGina Crawford-Martin

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Two: Cold Calls to prospective clients/customers. The nature of your business will determine if and how to make cold calls to potential clients/customers. This type of promotion works best with a service oriented business. If you are in a service oriented business, you can investigate businesses/individuals in your area to see if they currently utilizerepparttar type of service you are offering. If they are utilizingrepparttar 116819 same type of service with another company, then you investigate that company and compare its services to yours in an effort to find out if you can offerrepparttar 116820 potential client/customer more services atrepparttar 116821 same price, orrepparttar 116822 same services at a reduced price. Present your findings, including a chart outliningrepparttar 116823 differences, torepparttar 116824 potential client/customer. Everyone loves feeling they are gettingrepparttar 116825 most for their dollar. If they are not utilizingrepparttar 116826 type of service that you offer, then you put together a proposal outlining how they will save time, materials, or cost by utilizing your services. Again, everyone loves to feel they are gettingrepparttar 116827 most for their dollar. Three: Distribution of Announcements/Advertising. The old fashion flyer/door hanger/postcard, and todayrepparttar 116828 pop-up, on-line banner, or e-mail. The key to successful promotion in this fashion is to makerepparttar 116829 announcement eye-catching without being overwhelming, informational but not read like a book, and simple but not boring. Here to,repparttar 116830 nature of your business will determinerepparttar 116831 type of announcement you create, and how you distribute them. If you are a clown you donít want your announcements to be created in black and white. If youíre offering an exclusive type of service, you donít want to distribute your announcements atrepparttar 116832 local swimming pool.

All three of these promotional techniques can work effectively for any business as long as you keep inrepparttar 116833 forefront of your mindrepparttar 116834 type of product/service you offer, andrepparttar 116835 type of client/customer you are trying to attract. For more detailed information contact G Styl Productions Incorporated at

ReGina Crawford was born and raised in Wheeling, West Virginia. ReGina graduated from Central State University, Wilberforce, Ohio in 1990 with a degree in Computer Science. ReGina serves as the 1st Vice President of Women Entrepreneurs of America, Inc., and is also the owner and president of a home-based business Ė G Styl Productions Incorporated. She is also a contributing columnist to the Call and Post with a weekly column titled DNA Level C.

How I wrote an e-book and started earning $6,000/mo.

Written by Noelani Rodriguez

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I dreamed of a day when I would be able to sell e-books automatically on my site, chargingrepparttar credit cards and e-mailingrepparttar 116818 books all in one seamless process. Atrepparttar 116819 time there were some electronic services that would do this for $1500 a month or more. I deemed this too expensive but eventually my vision came true: Paypal was born.

Paypal was a dream--I was able to sign up with no money down and Paypal would accept and process all credit cards and checks automatically. A couple of years later Google Adwords was born, and I was able to market online to allrepparttar 116820 users ofrepparttar 116821 Google search engine, a huge audience with a good income. Now, my significant other with two jobs laments to friends: "she gets up at 10am, logs on, makes a bank deposit, then gets back into bed at 10:45". More than a few people in my life have noticed that I seem to be doing well and have loads of time for leisure activity. I am and I do. And it's all because of that phenomenal invention calledrepparttar 116822 e-book.

I've written 10 e-books and I am coming up with more titles allrepparttar 116823 time. My one piece of wisdom to impart: coming up with a winning ebook is kind of like playing "Berry Gordy"--you learn to recognizerepparttar 116824 "hits". When you get an idea and it gives you gooseflesh, that'srepparttar 116825 one. Copyright it, write it and market it online. If you want any advice on how to do that, I wrote an e-book "Paycheck in 30 Minutes " that talks aboutrepparttar 116826 steps to getting your e-book sold.

Sure I plug my e-books from time to time, but mostly I'm out with my boxer dog inrepparttar 116827 dog park, or riding downrepparttar 116828 freeway inrepparttar 116829 RV to visit an out-of-state friend. If you see a woman with a boxer dog in an RV with Oregon plates, wave. It's probably me.

_________________ Noelani Rodriguez is the author of "Paycheck in 30 Minutes". She has hung up her "monkey suit" for good and is now an E-Book Publisher, Consultant, Musician and Loaf.

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