To eBay or NOT to eBay

Written by Gillian Tarawhiti

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Power eBay Sellers know that they real money comes when you drive people from your auction sale to where ever else you need to send them. This of course should firstly be to your own website, but you can send them to affiliate sites just as easy.

eBay more that a giant flea market. You see, eBay auctions attract millions of TARGETED customers. You don’t have to go in search of subscribers – they will come to you.

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Although you are not allowed to have links to your site on eBay, you can find creative ways around it such as usingrepparttar 'About Me' page to direct traffic to your primary site and even changing your eBay name to reflect your website. The way around this is to put '*' atrepparttar 118610 begining and end of your URL like so;




My Response

Yes, you are rightrepparttar 118611 'about me' page is definitely and under utilised tool by most ebayer's. As a matter of fact, it IS a great way to drive traffic to your website or any other website for that matter.

I have seen some really great 'about me' pages that are set up like sales copy websites and then I've seen some really cruddy ones or a lot that have none at all.

I'm not to keen myself on advertising a website as a username on eBay as this has had some not to good responses for those using that practise...I see more eBAY sellers closing an account which bears there website due to ... for want of a better phrase ... tall poppy syndrome ... where others users post negative comments (unjustified of course) which have negative ramifications forrepparttar 118612 seller.

But anyway...great comment.

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Submission scams

Written by Clare Lawrence

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Instead add links to your sites from web pages already inrepparttar leading directories.

You can do this several ways:-

1) By exchanging links with web master. 2) Posting in forums. 3) Submitting to directories

If your intent on submitting to directories, then some that are valuable are: -

DM0Z (free) Yahoo (paid, unless your site is not for profit) (paid) (free) (free) Gimpsy (paid) Joeant (paid) MSNsmallbusiness (paid) Wowdirectory (paid)

Manual submissions are required forrepparttar 118609 above.

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