To Those who take Advantage of Tradgedy

Written by Ieuan Dolby

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Further to this I had another email from a publisher requesting use of an article that I wrote on “how to cope with stress” and using a reason for requesting this piece as follows:

“In light ofrepparttar recent London tragedy, as well asrepparttar 148286 ongoing tragedies of kidnapping and child abduction, our first reference will focus on "stress reduction."

Didn’t take you long to get offrepparttar 148287 mark! In factrepparttar 148288 email I received from these publishers was written and sent in less than twelve hours afterrepparttar 148289 actual explosions occurred in London. That must have been a straight rush torepparttar 148290 computer that one ………… frightening stuff!

I expect inrepparttar 148291 next few days that I will receive many more like those mentioned above but at least they waited a day or two before jumping onrepparttar 148292 wagon!

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Identity Theft - 7 Warning Signs

Written by S. Terry

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6. Credit demand phone calls or letters from creditors demanding payment on credit balances in your name. Someone may have successfully obtained credit with your information and defaulted on payment.

7. You notice your garbage being tampered with. Someone may be sifting through your garbage looking for information that will help them assume your identity.

Methods for catching attempted identity theft as soon as possible are monitoring your mail for missing items, tracking your financial transactions, and knowing at all times what your balances are and what transactions are made (amounts and locations).

Online security is also an important tool to fight against personal id fraud as viruses, trojans, unsecure shopping sites and spyware become more prevalent online. Visit for Online Security Tips & Tools that can help you protect yourself online.

Identity theft is a very serious threat that can do severe damage to your personal credit. For more information on what Identity Theft is, what to watch for and methods to protect yourself, visit Identity Theft Tips for more information and resources.

You may not be able to protect yourself completely from Identity Theft, but you can watch for it and notify your credit companies quickly before too much serious damage has been done to your good name.

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