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Written by Jason Katzenback

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So, also, I was astounded, when I worked outrepparttar process of succeeding, andrepparttar 142165 means to be used. I found thatrepparttar 142166 process usually employed may succeed now and then, but that it does not make success certain. And, I found thatrepparttar 142167 means, which isrepparttar 142168 least used, isrepparttar 142169 most efficient. These I present to you in succeeding chapters.

To beginrepparttar 142170 change which will lead you to success, consecrate yourself torepparttar 142171 use ofrepparttar 142172 five determinants of success.

If you dare to free yourself from hinder­ing circumstances, if you do something in such a way that you make yourself a leader in your work, if your work is of service to others, if you dare to secure just compensa­tion for your work-then you ARE a suc­cess!

Let us commit:

FREEDOM-the daring to overcomerepparttar 142173 limitations of circumstances and conditions, and express yourself-isrepparttar 142174 first determin­ing factor. ACTION-doing something, not merely thinking about it, or dreaming of it, or wish­ing for it-isrepparttar 142175 second. LEADERSHIP-doing your work bet­ter, or more rapidly, or more efficiently, or, more effectively than others would do it- isrepparttar 142176 third. SERVICE-doing your work in such a way that it renders service to others, and then, in addition, giving service-isrepparttar 142177 fourth. JUSTICE-the art of securing just com­pensation forrepparttar 142178 services you render, byrepparttar 142179 way you deal with people, and byrepparttar 142180 means you use in doing so-isrepparttar 142181 final determin­ing factor which guarantees success!

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Hair Care 101

Written by Kenia Morales

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•Whether you do your hair at home or atrepparttar salon you should start setting or doing rollers rather than drying it up withrepparttar 142145 blower or other hot appliances (bonnet dryer heat is less damaging). Hair rollers will leave it with more body but, if you want a sleeker look you may want to userepparttar 142146 blow dryer afterwards, just to getrepparttar 142147 look you want. Your hair will look nice while maintainingrepparttar 142148 use of hot appliances to a minimal amount of time. Note: heat rollers should also be avoided.

•Do not wash hair daily. Wait for at least four to seven days before your next wash. Washing your hair too often strips away its natural oils.

•Use leave in hair treatments.

•Use hair products that help protect it fromrepparttar 142149 sun. The label should say UVA & UVB Protection or SPF.

•Sleep with a satin or silk pillow case. You can find them in your local beauty shop or department store for a few dollars.

•Eat properly and take multi vitamins to ensure you are getting allrepparttar 142150 required nutrients for your body in general and hair. ---------------------------------------

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