To Optimize Or Not To Optimize

Written by Dan J. Fry

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(2) E-Zine advertising, whether it be free classified ads which a host of publishers will offer their subscribers, or full blown paid solo ads, is a great traffic generator. You know thatrepparttar people who visit your site through an ad were looking for something that you offer. Now that's targeted traffic!

(3) Traffic exchanges can also bring in targeted traffic. Many of these haverepparttar 116944 option of free or paid memberships. As of now I have focused onrepparttar 116945 free aspect (Remember, I love low, or no cost advertising.). All that is required is for you to do a bit of surfing to have your short ad show up on other sites across repparttar 116946 internet. TrafficSwarm and ClickMatrix are two ofrepparttar 116947 best I have come across. They allow you to target your ad to ensure thatrepparttar 116948 people who click are serious about checking out your site. You can sign up for free accounts to both of these at , and .

(4) Pay-per-click can also drive targeted traffic. The thing I don't care for is thatrepparttar 116949 cost can easily get out of hand, if you don't continuously evaluate your click through rates on a daily basis. Soon your back to focusing on pay-per-click and re- consulting withrepparttar 116950 DSM-V:).

Ultimately, you want to incorporate a handful of techniques that you find work for your particular home based web business. I nor anyone else can guarantee what works. It takes testing on your behalf. But, and this is important,repparttar 116951 testing phase is educational and forces you to stay focused on methods that work. So tryrepparttar 116952 inexpensive traffic builders first. Find out what works for you. Then expand your arsenal. Most of all, be patient and success will come!

Dan J. Fry is an independent researcher and owner of, a site devoted to providing resources for small budget home businesses. He has a PhD in Physics and is married with two daughters and two cats. Subscribe to his free E-Zine on home business resources at or by visiting his Online Home Based Business Resources site. He can be reached at .

10 Quick Ways To Start A Business!

Written by BB Lee

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6. Heh Mr DJ. Like music? Gather together current hit music CD's and offer your services to DJ at birthday parties, graduation parties, anniversaries, family reunions. Consider specializing in one type of popular music like Classic Rock, Seventies Hits, Disco, Country, Hip-Hop.

7. Survey Says. Taking fun online surveys is a great way to make an extra income. Thousands of people are joining this group of home based workers everyday. Many of these companies are paying survey takers from $5 to $100 for giving their opinions on various products, services,repparttar latest movies, music. The trick is to know which companies pay well and promptly. There is still time to get into this business beforerepparttar 116943 market is filled. Clickrepparttar 116944 link below for more info on taking fun surveys for profit.

8. In-for-mation. Information is a hot selling commodity onrepparttar 116945 Internet. So why not write an informative ebook on a popular topic that you have special knowledge on! Publish and sellrepparttar 116946 ebook online. Visit my website and downloadrepparttar 116947 ebook below! How I Started My Own Home Based Business Learn how one Information Specialist Started His Biz Click Here:

9. Build It. Offer to build a one or two page website for local business owners to advertise their services. Offer to build and submitrepparttar 116948 site to search engines, and charge a fee slightly lower than competitors to peek interest.

10. Research. All you need is a computer connected torepparttar 116949 Internet and a modem and you are in business. There are many businesses that would pay you good money for specialized legal or medical information you will find in databases online.

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BB is a freelance writer and the editor of SmallBizBits Home Based Business Newsletter.

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