To Invite or not to Invite the Dad to the Shower

Written by Randy Wilson

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For many reasons,repparttar couple’s shower (where men and women both are invited) is an appropriate way to celebrate a new baby.

First,repparttar 148834 new daddy has as much reason to celebrate and to be congratulated asrepparttar 148835 mom-to-be. Second, daddy may enjoy openingrepparttar 148836 presents as much as mom, maybe more so. Thirdly, ifrepparttar 148837 baby shower isn't held at their home, mommy will need dad to help load uprepparttar 148838 presents and drive her home. After all, she hasn't hadrepparttar 148839 baby yet, and will probably be pretty tired byrepparttar 148840 end ofrepparttar 148841 baby shower.

While this may be a new tradition, some men may actually enjoyrepparttar 148842 baby shower as much asrepparttar 148843 women. Although I doubt that most fathers-to-be would ever admit it to anyone, dad has to keep up that "macho" image after all.

It would be a nice touch to include gifts that are special for dad. Even thoughrepparttar 148844 gifts are usually gifts forrepparttar 148845 baby, andrepparttar 148846 occassional gift forrepparttar 148847 mom, dad wouldn't mind one or two for himself. Just don't let on that you know that. Let him keep his pride.

Generally, anyone who was invited torepparttar 148848 wedding can be invited torepparttar 148849 baby shower. Remember, this is a joyous celebration and you should spread joy, blessings and happiness to everyone that has an interest inrepparttar 148850 family.

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Toddlers Are People Too

Written by Cori Sachais Swidorsky

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I have found that allowing my toddlers a little more freedom with decision making, they are more likely to clean up after they make a mess, or brush their teeth when its bed time. Toddlers are people too; they like to be able to choose what they will wear, what they will eat, and what they will play. If we are always saying no to our children, then our children want to always say no to us. Let your toddler feel important, let them have a voice and let them becomerepparttar adult they will one day be.

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