To Build or Not to Build: A Website Cost Analysis

Written by Matthias V. Pupillo

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Every business has to make sales to stay in business. There is nothing new about that. The new twist on business isrepparttar fact that a website is virtually a 24 hour sales force. It does not sleep, eat, drink, take a nap, or a vacation. It is a machine that can inform current customers and attract new customers. A website can dramatically cut down on customer service cost. The added cost of staffing to make up for what a website could have easily done makes up forrepparttar 149124 cost of having a site built. How much money could your business save on staffing?

A professionally designed, built, and maintained website is well worthrepparttar 149125 money spent onrepparttar 149126 investment. Some ofrepparttar 149127 expenses that a business normally runs into can be reduced by a website. Everyday that a business owner waits to contact a web designer is a day spent wasting money and losing ground to competitors that are unafraid to makerepparttar 149128 investment. Get your business onrepparttar 149129 web today.

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Is a Web Site Builder Right for You?

Written by Joe Duchesne

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Is access to a web site builder worthrepparttar extra monthly or yearly cost?

When you know that you want to be making lots of little or not so little changes torepparttar 148693 text and images on your website, a site builder is well worthrepparttar 148694 expense. Consider what it would cost for you to hire a professional web designer to first createrepparttar 148695 web site, than to make regular changes torepparttar 148696 site. These costs can easily run intorepparttar 148697 thousands per year. A good web site builder costs much less than that.

Need a quick, no nonsense approach to building your website? A web site builder may be justrepparttar 148698 things you're looking for.

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