To Be or Not To Be, That is the Domain Question

Written by Mike Banks Valentine

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The pangs of taken domains,repparttar listing delay, The insolence of Yahoo, andrepparttar 108306 spurns That patient merit of unworthy geocities, When he himself might his IPO make Without Domain name? Who would Google bear, To grunt through subdirectories and filenames, Butrepparttar 108307 dread of something after backslash, The undiscovered Business from whose URL No surfer returns, puzzlesrepparttar 108308 will And make us rather bear those URLs we have Than buyrepparttar 108309 others that are already taken? Thus creativity does make cowards of us all; And thus rush'd to registration of a name We worry o'er lowly cost of reserving, And enterprises of great riches and power With this regard our clients turn away, And loserepparttar 108310 name of!

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Winning The (Domain) Name Game

Written by Paula Morrow

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The date of expiration is posted. If your dream name is 'on hold,' you'll need to pay close attention torepparttar lists. Whenrepparttar 108305 one you want is finally free, buy it quick.

Expired domain names can be purchased at any domain registration site. I continue to prefer, since buying a name through them for a year still costs under $10.

Once you've boughtrepparttar 108306 domain, immediately make an appointment with yourself for one month BEFORErepparttar 108307 domain expires, to renew. Don't forget and have your business name slip away!

One last tip: Reserve your own name as a domain. For example, I've reserved Even though you may never actually use it as a web site, this at least insures that no one else will either! Take your name offrepparttar 108308 market.

The Great Suffix Debate

As more and more people come online, andrepparttar 108309 stronger names are taken offrepparttar 108310 market, there will be more 'suffixes' added to expand registration options. Currently,repparttar 108311 following endings are available: .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .ws, and .us. With more to come.

If at all possible, choose a domain name ending in .com ('dot-com'). This is stillrepparttar 108312 most widely recognized ending, andrepparttar 108313 most popular. When typing in a domain name, people will still, by default, try .com first. The next popular ending after .com is .net -- but always try for a .com name, if at all possible.

As you make this very important decision choose well because, if you're successful, you'll be living with it for a very long time.

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