Tivives y Valor – Surfing Costa Rica

Written by Kriss Hammond

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Puerto Viejo - An area with plenty of surf, but most well-known forrepparttar biggest and most powerful wave in Costa Rica, "Salsa Brava" or "Mean Salsa". This thick, voluminous, Hawaiian-style wave builds in deep water and breaks on a shallow reef. The right will usually be steep and tubular and its left will also provide a short, but sweet ride. Puerto Viejo is approximately a 3-1/2 hour drive from San José. Plenty of restaurants and hotel accommodations are available inrepparttar 137733 area.

Black Beach, Cahuita - An excellent beach break, not well known and therefore not heavily visited. Nevertheless, there are waves all year around. To reach Black Beach, takerepparttar 137734 road to Puerto Viejo. Take a left about 2 km beforerepparttar 137735 Cahuita National Park entrance. After about a ten minute drive from there, you will findrepparttar 137736 point - a well kept secret with a few surfers living inrepparttar 137737 area. The area hosts a variety of food and lodging accommodations.

Westfalia - A stretch of beach breaks extending south from Limón to Cahuita, offering lefts and rights that tend to close out whenrepparttar 137738 swell gets too big. Food and lodging accommodations are recommended in Limón or Cahuita.

Uvita Island - An island offrepparttar 137739 coast of Limón where a perfect but dangerous left breaks on a reef. Isla Uvita is about a 20-minute boat ride from Limón with passage available only at certain times ofrepparttar 137740 year.

Bonita Beach - A point/reef break known for its very thick, powerful and dangerous left. Access is a short and easy drive uprepparttar 137741 coast from Limón.

The North Caribbean Coast - This endless stench of beach breaks is located alongrepparttar 137742 coast ofrepparttar 137743 Tortuguero National Park where some of Costa Rica's largest rivers meetrepparttar 137744 Caribbean Sea. Extreme conditions andrepparttar 137745 presence of sharks at these river mouths can deter any hardcore surfer. Most tourists visitrepparttar 137746 area to sportfish at these river mouths or boat throughrepparttar 137747 Tortuguero canals and access its rich biodiversity. From July to November visitors come to witnessrepparttar 137748 nesting ofrepparttar 137749 Green Turtles. Overnight lodging is available. The most practical way to get there is to fly or rent a boat from about 2 km north of Playa Bonita or from a small port 7 km north of Limón.

Potrero Grande - A very remote right point break with very fast and hollow waves, located about 270 kms north of San José with no road access. You can rent a boat out of Playas del Coco or Playa Ocotal. There are no facilities there, but camping is a possibility.

Naranjo Beach (also called Witch's Rock) - One ofrepparttar 137750 best beach breaks inrepparttar 137751 country, with very strong offshore winds from December to March. This remote spot is located inrepparttar 137752 Santa Rosa National Park, about 28 km north of Liberia. A good 4WD is a must. For long stays, campgrounds are set up but no facilities are available. It is also possible to boat over from el Coco or Ocotal. Don't forget your mosquito net.

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5 Simple Steps to a “Perfectly Fitted Putter”

Written by John Bolt

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The Fourth Key:

What’s your putting stroke like? You must consider this because depending on your wrist action, it will dictate what type of grips you need. Players with more of a pendulum action will choose wider or fatter grips to inhibit any unwanted wrist action. A golfer who has more wrist action in their stroke will preferrepparttar smaller, thinner, more traditional sized grips. As these are believed to promote a smoother release ofrepparttar 137561 ball.

The Fifth Key:

Look at your stroke path. Do you have an inside-square-inside (small arc) path to your stroke? If so you probably have a tendency to pull your putts and will benefit from what’s known as heel shafted model putter. If you’re more of straight-back-straight-through stroke you will have more of a tendency to push your putts. You would then benefit more from a face balanced putter withrepparttar 137562 weight dispersed evenly inrepparttar 137563 putter head.

With that being said, go get yourself a properly fitted putter. Every golfer knows good putting is essential and you’re leaving yourself at a huge disadvantage by not usingrepparttar 137564 proper equipment!

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