Title 18 U.S.C. §2257

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And to tell yourepparttar truth, I think I might be getting off easy (no pun intended, I assure you). I do not host web cams at my site. The reason I mention that is, get this: owner-operators of web cam sites are now required to record and retain, as a file, all live sessions inrepparttar 142680 spirit of keeping withrepparttar 142681 law. We’re talking terabytes (and no, that’s notrepparttar 142682 name of a new porn star) of information storage withinrepparttar 142683 scope of one or two months forrepparttar 142684 proto-typical site. That web cam site is going to cost a small fortune in extra hosting quotas.

Now a lot of rational-minded legal folk think that there’s no way that this new interpretation ofrepparttar 142685 law will weather judiciary appeal.

That being said, my gripe withrepparttar 142686 law, is notrepparttar 142687 source of my uneasiness. The “bad feeling” stems fromrepparttar 142688 fact that I don’t expect this statute, as it pertains torepparttar 142689 average webmaster, to be thrown out or even reasonably modified. Lately, there just seems to be a rash of adult-unfriendly (and Free Speech-assaulting, mind you) bills and decisions that have passed in state and local legislatures all aroundrepparttar 142690 country; decisions you wouldn’t have expected to have gonerepparttar 142691 way that they eventually did:

1. The decision to upholdrepparttar 142692 ban onrepparttar 142693 sale of sextoys inrepparttar 142694 states of Alabama, Texas, and Georgia. 2. The passing ofrepparttar 142695 watered-down-yet-still-onerous version ofrepparttar 142696 original Missouri bill SB 32. 3. The sudden closing of a legal loophole by a New York Appellate Division court; an act that will imminently and without warning shut down a ton of Big Apple adult businesses unless it is repealed.

It seemsrepparttar 142697 Bush administration, with U.S. Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales prominently inrepparttar 142698 foreground, is truly waging a war on pornography. Let’s hope that this war comes to a better resolution thanrepparttar 142699 one in Iraq, so far…(I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist. :-))

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Zyprexa Settlement - $690,000,000

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The company wants to increase its education efforts to doctors to selectrepparttar right patient population.

Plaintiffs can opt intorepparttar 142664 Zyprexa settlement or continue to pursue their claims in federal or state court. It is expected that this deal will settle at least 75 percent ofrepparttar 142665 current Zyprexa claims.
Zyprexa Lawsuits: Lawyers Learn aboutrepparttar 142666 $700 million settlement.


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