Tired of trashy TV? Try an old-time treat!

Written by Ned Norris

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People tired of comedies dependent on shock humor or silliness will appreciaterepparttar timelessness of old-time radio. The title characters of Fibber McGee and Molly, a show that aired from 1935 through 1956, argue about who’s spendingrepparttar 110060 money, who’s doingrepparttar 110061 chores, and whyrepparttar 110062 hall closet is packed with so much junk. Listeners will realize that some facets of American life haven’t changed that much. Jokes about war bonds aside,repparttar 110063 McGees and other comic families of yesteryear aren’t too different from modern families – and they manage to be funny without gross-out gags.

Listeners interested in drama and intrigue can enjoy a wide selection of titles. Long before they hitrepparttar 110064 small screen, lawyer Perry Mason,repparttar 110065 Lone Ranger, U.S. Marshal Matt Dillon, and Detective Sgt. Joe Friday of Dragnet solved crimes onrepparttar 110066 radio. RUSC’s library includes episodes of more than 40 detective series and nearly 60 dramas and thrillers.

Inrepparttar 110067 ’30s, ’40s, and ’50s, millions of families gathered aroundrepparttar 110068 radio inrepparttar 110069 evenings to catch their favorite shows. Life was simpler back then, but shows that appealed torepparttar 110070 nuclear family of 1950 can still capturerepparttar 110071 imagination of 21st-century listeners of all ages. For more information and access to thousands of downloads, check out rusc.com.

RUSC.COM is a site dedicated to the wonderful world of old time radio. It makes available thousands of hours of shows for downloading and streaming. http://www.rusc.com

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