Tired of suffering? Joy is a choice

Written by Dr. Ulla Sebastian

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A victim position differs from a victim situation by re-creating a victim situation inrepparttar mind. Allrepparttar 148646 thoughts and feelings connected with it then influencerepparttar 148647 perspective on life.

A victim situation happens in life. Out of such a situationrepparttar 148648 victim position emerges with allrepparttar 148649 associated feelings of powerless rage and guilt feelings which then gets repeated in life.

How can you move beyond suffering?

An important step to move beyond suffering is to understand your motives. Isrepparttar 148650 sufferingrepparttar 148651 consolidation of an old pain, a victim position, part ofrepparttar 148652 identity orrepparttar 148653 possibility to get attention?

Another important step is to expand your consciousness. Consciousness heals. Consciousness is a tool that allows you to see throughrepparttar 148654 illusions and confusions that make you prone for suffering.

What would be important to understand to move beyond suffering?

* The four pillars of how to grow joy in your life * The difference it makes when you say YES: YES to life, torepparttar 148655 Self, torepparttar 148656 other person, to your community, to human values and torepparttar 148657 union with life andrepparttar 148658 challenges that you have to face in making these choices * Howrepparttar 148659 creation of your own story keeps you in bondage and how you can change it * How self-forgiveness can set you free * The difference between guilt feelings and responsibility * The difference between a victim and a victim attitude * The illusion of romantic love, how it makes you unhappy and how you can move beyond it * The secret of true sharing * The power of counting your blessings * The balance of giving and receiving and how you can attain it * The spiral nature ofrepparttar 148660 process of life * How you can use love as a growth process * How you can use your life patterns as signposts for a fulfilled life

All this information and hand-on tools such as exercises and instructions I provide in my ebook “Beyond Suffering” at http://www.visioform.com/uk/ebook-joy.htm

Dr. Ulla Sebastian is a well-known author, trainer and psychotherapist. Her work spans a wide range of themes for professional and personal growth based on the above principles. Her work is the result of forty years of research, work with thousands of people from all over the world and a lifelong experience of selfgrowth and transformation. Visit her website http://www.visioform.com for free courses, distance courses, books, ebooks and articles.

How Do You Define Your Personal Success

Written by Joseph Rooney

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You know, you are not on earth to measure up to someone else's expectations,but you are here to develop your potential - inrepparttar direction and degree that you choose. It is your responsibility, though, to equip yourself to make wise choices, choices that will help you develop and feel good about yourself. Now, it is fine to ask others for advice or information, butrepparttar 148610 final decision must be yours.

So, when you count your successes, make sure you count by your own standards, not someone else's!

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