Tired of Bogus Spam Complaints? United We Stand ....

Written by June Campbell

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Garon andrepparttar writer sent an appeal to SpamCop. The response from SpamCop's "deputy" includedrepparttar 132817 following:"..."Ifrepparttar 132818 admin of this ezine would like to pursue punitive action againstrepparttar 132819 SpamCop user for filing a false complaint, we will need to see proof of opt-in confirmation. Otherwise, we will simply consider this matter closed..."

Now here'srepparttar 132820 kicker. SpamCop did not revealrepparttar 132821 name and email address ofrepparttar 132822 complainant. Without identification, how can Garon prove thatrepparttar 132823 subscriber had opted-in? Worse, withoutrepparttar 132824 email address, how can Garon removerepparttar 132825 subscriber from his list? What's to stoprepparttar 132826 same subscriber from filingrepparttar 132827 same complaint repeatedly? Again, it defies common sense.

As Garon wrote, 'To have to spend every day wondering if TODAY isrepparttar 132828 day some creep is going to falsely accuse you of Spam and cost you and your entire family everything you have put years of hard work into is MORE than a little scary."

To makerepparttar 132829 story even more bizarre, e-Crucible members state that they have reported real spammers to SpamCop with no results.

If you're an email publisher,repparttar 132830 shark attacks come from three sources: odious subscribers, vigilante organizations and ISPs and web hosts who shut you down without giving you a chance to defend yourself. As an individual, you can do little to changerepparttar 132831 situation.

Please consider signing up forrepparttar 132832 free e-Crucibles mailing list and help strengthen this little organization withrepparttar 132833 big goals. Sign up at http://www.topica.com/lists/e-Crucible/ or send email to mailto:e-Crucible-subscribe@topica.com

Please note: e-Crucible is NOT pro-spam. They are opposed to spurious spam complaints that put legitimate marketers in jeopardy.

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Spam: Poison Pill

Written by Richard Lowe

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The script givesrepparttar page a name, usually randomly picked from a database or made up somehow, and fills it with a few dozen (atrepparttar 132816 most) email addresses. These email addresses are cleverly created to appear perfectly valid but actually are useless - they are just made up.

Links to other fake pages are created forrepparttar 132817 spam harvester to follow. Any robot (or human being, for that matter) that follow these links will find similar pages, full of desirable email addresses.

Depending uponrepparttar 132818 robot, it's possiblerepparttar 132819 spammer could gather tens of thousands of totally fake, unusable email addresses before his robot blows itself out ofrepparttar 132820 water. It's even better ifrepparttar 132821 robot survives, asrepparttar 132822 spammer now wastes his time sending messages to nonexistent email addresses.

Inrepparttar 132823 meantime,repparttar 132824 harvester has been lured away from valid pages which may or may not contain email addresses.

My site, Internet Tips and Secrets, uses one of these poison pills. It is called wpoison and it really works well. If you want to see it, look at this page.


If you want to get a copy for yourself, check outrepparttar 132825 wpoison page.


This is just another weapon inrepparttar 132826 war against spam.

Is it effective?

I know from personal experience that it does trap spam robots, and it does seem to lure them away from real, useful email addresses.

Is it ethical?

I believe so, as long as you are careful to includerepparttar 132827 meta tags to inform "good" robots to leaverepparttar 132828 pages alone as well as some text to let your visitors know what's going on.

It's not as satisfying as spamcop.net, and there is no where near that pleasant glow of success upon learning that some scum spammer has had his ISP cancel his account, butrepparttar 132829 poison pill is useful nonetheless. My advice is to include it in your arsenal along withrepparttar 132830 other weapons and tools at your disposal.

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