Tips to Manage Your Online Business During Vacation time

Written by Lakshmi Menon

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4. Inform your list of members regarding your plan of vacation andrepparttar duration. Don't forget to let them knowrepparttar 135428 arrangements you have made in your absence so that they won't be disappointed.

5. Place orders for your ad campaign with standard ezines who will run your ad in your absence also.

6. Your requirement of regular surfing to get adequate traffic to your website can also be entrusted with your friend.

7. Try to get in touch with your friend overrepparttar 135429 telephone whenever possible to find out how is it going on and whether he/she is facing any problems.

8. On your return remember to inform your customers about your vacation and give them a free gift such as an email course or ebook as a token of your appreciation forrepparttar 135430 patience and understanding. They'd love you for understanding them.

9. Don't forget to reward your friend adequately who managed your online business beautifully in your absence and he/she will be ready to help you in time of need in future also.

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Written by David Moore

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Itís not that we shouldnít do our best to do things right, keeping our tools sharpened, but doingrepparttar right things is a whole lot more important for realizing effectiveness. It takes a different mind set to understand this. I call itrepparttar 135419 BIG PICTURE. In an on-line business what is more important - managing, maintaining, sustaining, and carefully organizing your auto-response emails to your potential affiliates and your down line, or making sure your understandrepparttar 135420 components of your on-line business plan so you can communicate it withrepparttar 135421 confidence that you really understand it for yourself? You always want to make sure you are inrepparttar 135422 right jungle. If you are not you may make all kinds of progress in staying organized, but not much when it comes to building an effective down line. Think about it. Which is more important to you, and where do you spend most of your time, doing things right or doingrepparttar 135423 right things?

I had a son who played basketball in college. His sophomore year he was extremely successful making 3-point field goals. In fact his name is still inrepparttar 135424 Schoolís record book as havingrepparttar 135425 highest 3-point field goal percentage in a season. He started every game and shot 49.8 percent forrepparttar 135426 year. Most people canít shoot that well from behindrepparttar 135427 arc when they are warming up and not being guarded. Ryan was successful that year because he was doingrepparttar 135428 right things, staying withinrepparttar 135429 team system and shooting only when he was open or when coming off a solid screen.

The next season he was so confident he decided it wasnít necessary for him to work withinrepparttar 135430 system of patiently waiting forrepparttar 135431 open shot or runningrepparttar 135432 play through to completion until he had a solid screen. Consequently many times he was off balance when he shot or a defender was in his face causing him to alterrepparttar 135433 trajectory ofrepparttar 135434 shot. He thought he was doing things right because he had a knack for makingrepparttar 135435 long-range shot. Needless to say his 3-point field goal percentage dropped dramatically. I remember watching one game when he was so out of sync and at such a loss of confidence that he didnít score a single pointrepparttar 135436 entire game. His mistake was that he spent all of his practice time concentrating on perfecting his shot delivery technique (doing things right) while neglectingrepparttar 135437 BIG PICTURE, which isrepparttar 135438 fundamentals of disciplined teamwork, playing withinrepparttar 135439 system, and consequently doingrepparttar 135440 right thing.

So whatís more important torepparttar 135441 success of your on-line business, perfecting your techniques or focusing onrepparttar 135442 components of your business plan so you can always be sure you IN THE RIGHT JUNGLE.

About the Author: David Moore is a member of the Wealth Online Website system. He is a home based online business entrepreneur and teaches at University (part-time). He completed graduate programs in both Cross Cultural Communications and Higher Education Administration. If you would like more information on his online business, please visit his website at:

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