Tips to Grow Your Business

Written by Paulette Ensign

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5. Notice howrepparttar products balance outrepparttar 117883 service side of your business. Products can be a good match for a client's budget when they cannot afford or are not ready to purchase your consulting or speaking services.

6. Plan to introduce at least one or two new informational products a year to expand your business. That allows you to stay in touch with your prospects, clients and former clients each time you launch a new product, all while growing your business.

7. Recycle your knowledge to nurture your clients and to nurture your own business development. Use those resources you already have for everyone's benefit.

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Swapping Marbles: How to Get a Top-Notch Site Without Paying a Dime

Written by Stefene Russell

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and housecleaning. What holds most of us back from hiring a professional web designer is cost. However, there's nothing saying that money has to even come intorepparttar picture, if you have something your designer needs (or even better, just wants!). Put ads on bulletin boards,repparttar 117882 local paper, or ask around; maybe one of your best friends has a kid in college who's studying web design, and could use your site as an opportunity to start building his or her portfolio. You can also trade for instruction on how to update or re-design your site yourself, or a tutorial on how to userepparttar 117883 latest, cutting-edge software. If you feel a little reticent, don't. It's just like marbles when you're a kid. Your friend wants your green marble, and you want his orange marble, so you trade 'em acrossrepparttar 117884 table. It's as simple as that.

Take it from a second-generation barterer rader: when I've traded writing or editing for carpet-cleaning or a haircut, not only was I able to eat off my floor, or drive without having to peer through a curtain of hair, but I felt allrepparttar 117885 closer to my hairdresser or my housecleaner afterwards. Trading is not only a cost-effective way of doing business, but you'll be strengthening your ties to other small businesspeople-and your entire community.

Stefene Russell is a freelance writer living in Salt Lake City, Utah. She has worked as a print journalist and as Senior Content Producer for She is currently Dr. Kevin Nunley's in-house website expert, providing site analysis to e-businesses. For a free website analysis, email her at or for a detailed analysis, visit

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