Tips on winning a Virtual Assistant position AND keeping it

Written by Lori Redfield

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When you are applying or bidding on a Freelance position, you must come across as a professional. There is something aboutrepparttar online medium that invites a casual correspondence style. You will do well to avoid this temptation. Save similes, abbreviated internet slang (LOL, IMO etcetera) for later on in your relationship with your client.

Your client needs to trust that you are going to help him/her run their business with professionalism. Your first impression must come across as professional as a traditional cover letter for employment. Be confident and clear in your interactions with them. Ask intelligent questions and be very honest aboutrepparttar 117044 time that you have available in your schedule.

I strongly advise all aspiring Virtual Assistants to do an honest assessment of what their career objectives are before they begin seeking out work. It is easy, and common to over extend yourself. If your main goal is to earn a part-time living specifically so that you can put raising your children ahead of your career… then be very clear about that when you begin to take on new work assignments.

Start off slow and add clients or responsibilities for clients gradually. Being too eager to succeed can quickly be your worst downfall. The quickest way to lose a good client is by under-delivering. Make realistic promises. You will gain their respect and their trust. And you will find that as their business grows, they will be more then willing to work around your schedule and needs in order to keep you as a valued independent contractor.

Lori Redfield is a freelancing Mother of three, happy wife and blooming online entrepreneur. She is founder of newly launched an esource for women who want to work from home.

An alternative to Ebay

Written by R.P. van der Meij

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Lets sell your car for $1000 . When selling it on you pay $7.50 and it is listed for a min. of 30 days and max.60 days. Other sites are charging you $40 for 1 week.(cardealers can save a fortune this way) If you are selling your house on again you pay $7.50 for a min. of 30 days and max. 60 days . Other sites are charging you more, up to $150 . Now here is a fun part on , you can place your ad on top ofrepparttar list again for a small price. If someone is looking he will see YOUR house, car or what ever you are selling on top ofrepparttar 117043 list , (where you want to be if you are selling) when he is browsing. You can do that as much as you like with no restrictions. Thats how you sell quickly and easy. So you see there is another way of selling your (used) items onrepparttar 117044 net. Visitrepparttar 117045 site and try it. Duringrepparttar 117046 introduction week you can place every ad for free on

R.P. van der Meij is CEO Of EMOG Online Business

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