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Written by Terri Seymour

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*Answering Emails

If you are in affiliate programs, write and save a welcome email for each program. As you are notified of new members, go to your saved welcome messages, changerepparttar name and email address and click send. This is much more efficient than writing a new message for each new member.

Have email folders for organizing your emails. If they do not require an answer you can then just put each one into it's proper folder. If they do require an answer, then drag them over to their folder after you answer each one. Of course, you want to save them to floppy or CD before distributing in folders. I have folders, for ad swaps, ad sales, subscribers, new affiliate members, affiliate sales, contacts, feedback, resources, sales made from my website, etc., etc. Each of these folders also has a floppy or CD backup.

*Website Additions

If your webpages are uniform, it is easy to make a new page. I just go to an existing page, copyrepparttar 131867 whole page, paste it intorepparttar 131868 new page, changerepparttar 131869 wording that needs to be changed andrepparttar 131870 page is finished.

I also use this method with sections of pages that I need. Copyrepparttar 131871 part ofrepparttar 131872 code that you need and just paste it into place. This saves countless minutes of typing!!

These are just a few ofrepparttar 131873 things that work for me. I realize that they might not work for everyone. If you have your own method that works for you, that is great! One method definitely does not work for all, but if you are looking for ways to get your business organized, these ideas might work for you!

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Customise your Send To menu

Written by Dianne Reuby

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Here's how:

Open Windows Explorer, and findrepparttar Windows directory. In this directory you'll findrepparttar 131864 Send To directory. Click on this to open it.

Onrepparttar 131865 menu bar, choose File, New, and Shortcut. You'll get a dialog box asking forrepparttar 131866 path or location of your program - clickrepparttar 131867 browse button and find it on your hard drive, then choose OK. Clickrepparttar 131868 "Next" button, and give it a name. If you want it to berepparttar 131869 first item on your Send To list, you can use an underscore, like this : "_MyProg".

Click "Finish" and you're done. Now, when you want to open a file in a program other than its' default, just right- click, choose Send To, andrepparttar 131870 program you want.

Happy site building!


Dianne Reuby is co-author ofrepparttar 131871 e-book "First Website Builder". Dianne created and runsrepparttar 131872 First Web Builder site, dedicated to providing ebooks and tips for new webmasters. Visit FWB at AOL


Dianne Reuby is co-author of the e-book "First Website Builder". Dianne created and runs the First Web Builder site, dedicated to providing ebooks and tips for new webmasters.

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