Tips from Chicago Search Engine Strategies

Written by Tanya Martin

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Question: What type of redirect should I use? Answer: 301 isrepparttar only good redirect.

Question: Can older domains be inrepparttar 128257 sandbox? (Sandbox: newer sites may facerepparttar 128258 sandbox, which means they are delayed on showing up inrepparttar 128259 search engine results). Answer: Domains well-established or older domains do not usually have sandbox. Tanya’s Tips: 1.For those who have many older domains that you started, but never finished, these would be good domains to use now. If you had some content and it was indexed, it is better than buying a new domain. 2.Preplan your sites. Put as much basic information on a new domain as soon as you can. Let it get indexed, build a few links and then move on to something else. Go back to it in 3-6 months and finish it off and link build some more.

Question: What isrepparttar 128260 longest filename you should use? Answer: 12 characters for filenames.

Question: Should I use keyword Meta tags? Answer: Yahoo still uses keyword Meta tags.

Notes: The following sites were mentioned during this session:, which was mentioned during discussions about domain hijackings., which was mentioned during discussions on CMS systems, were able to be spidered. This site will let you know if your CMS can be spidered.

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Tips from Chicago Search Engine Strategies – Part 2

Written by Tanya Martin

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For Transactional Shopping Engines (engines that you pay per sale or percentage): ·What’s an allowable commission? Including returns? Without returns? How will returns be handled?

Duringrepparttar Crawl, Walk, Run part ofrepparttar 128256 presentation, Mr. Bowler suggested you start with something easy to setup. he said wererepparttar 128257 easiest to setup, price and manage. Mr. Bowler stated if you can produce a feed quickly that setup could occur in a few weeks.

Mr. Bowler also suggested that Amazon was one ofrepparttar 128258 hardest to setup. They require 29 forms to be filled out before you can begin. He also said it took 2-3 months to setup with Amazon.

Shopping engines do not run themselves Mr. Bowler now went over this giving more details, like if you choose 4-5 shopping engines to partner with it will take 1-2 hours of staff time a day. This is ongoing. Staff in charge ofrepparttar 128259 shopping engines will have to daily go overrepparttar 128260 following:

·Monitor feed upload and product display ·Pull-down Store reviews / feedback ·Resolve customer problems ·Track Sales, Fulfillment, Returns

These shopping engines will all need to be monitored and adjustments will need to be made. He gave an example of some items usingrepparttar 128261 same images. When you build a shopping site you can have several choices for size, color, etc. In shopping engines they listrepparttar 128262 sizes, colors, etc separately. So you haverepparttar 128263 same image for several items.

Mr. Bowler also provided a snapshot of feedback on Amazon. He stated feedback is invaluable and someone should be reviewing feedback often.

Mr. Bowler ended by giving some tips for succeeding: 1.Track results atrepparttar 128264 product level 2.Take advantage of operational and customer service emails 3.Shopping sites will buy your brand keywords in search – beware! 4.Advertising – more visibility 5.Partner withrepparttar 128265 newer engines

Notes: The following is a list of shopping engines that were mentioned during this session: Yahoo Shopping MSN Shopping Froogle MySimon Nextag Dealtime AOL Shopping Altura InStore

Also mentioned were: and

Tanya Martin, Director of Internet Marketing at Over The Mark, LLC - has been involved in Internet Marketing for 7 years and who publishes a daily seo blog at and runs Digital Marketing Online Forum

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