Tips for starting a hosting company

Written by Ron Swerdfiger

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4. Find your niche. The hosting business as a whole is a huge industry which is very competitive. Your best chance at success is to simply find a market and develop your business to cater to that specific niche. An excellent example of this is who offer hosting and development to those who operate online forums.

Maybe inrepparttar early 90’srepparttar 142916 idea of “if you build it they will come” might have been true. But inrepparttar 142917 year 2005repparttar 142918 internet is a far more competitive and complex. place To be successful today, you have to develop a business plan which works from all angels. If you can develop a hosting company which has a professional design, some extra content, search engine friendly and which targets a specific niche, you will have a far greater chance at success Of course there are many other factors to consider as well, but if you can master these four, everything else should fall into place

Ron is the CTO for Dice Ventures Inc an internet holdings and development company. Some current projects include a hosting forum and a Linux forum

Popeye and BIO-RAM

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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Sunday October 26, 2003 seesrepparttar Toronto Star running an article about a different Robin Williams who is a scientist in Ottawa. The article is most interesting due torepparttar 142776 fact that it shows how secrets run so much of science andrepparttar 142777 military is all over this one. Quantum encryption usingrepparttar 142778 fact that photons exist simultaneously in two different forms “somewhat like having a version of yourself to go to work and another to runrepparttar 142779 household errands atrepparttar 142780 same time.” Yes, that mysticist Heisenberg is at it again. “Enter quantum cryptography.

Quantum particles like photons should berepparttar 142781 ideal vehicle to carryrepparttar 142782 encryption key over ordinary communication channels – because ofrepparttar 142783 Heisenberg uncertainty Principle.” (2)

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