Tips for keeping you home invasion free

Written by Scott Shaper

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     Note: be careful when you are installing anything which requires you to drill into your patio door frame you could result in damagingrepparttar door, or breakingrepparttar 141648 glass. If you are not that handy I would recommend you hire a contractor to dorepparttar 141649 work for you.

     Lighting is an excellent deterrent to criminal activity at night. I recommend if possible installing outside lighting on motion detectors. That wayrepparttar 141650 lights will go on when motion is detected. Many times they will detect small animals or some other thing and go on. Just because they go on doesn’t necessarily mean there is someone there. But having them go on is a good deterrent if someone was. Like stated above thieves don’t want to make a scene, and they surely do not want a light shining on them. If possible, it is suggested that you install flood lights on each ofrepparttar 141651 four corners of you home. That way you could have perimeter lighting with motion detectors watching all sides of your home. When purchasing a motion detector spendrepparttar 141652 extra few dollars and get one of good quality.

     Home alarm systems are also becoming popular and are a good deterrent. If you get just an audible alarm that will help, but I recommend that if you are getting an alarm system, get one that has a service that monitors your home and will contactrepparttar 141653 proper authorities whenrepparttar 141654 alarm goes off. If someone does enter your home you wantrepparttar 141655 police to be notified as quickly as possible. Also make sure your alarm company knows which police department to contact for your jurisdiction. We had numerous calls for police service from alarm companies whose customer’s residence was outside of our jurisdiction, this caused unnecessary delays in police response. If you do get an alarm make sure to putrepparttar 141656 notification stickers onrepparttar 141657 doors that state “This home is protected by…” A would be criminal might see those stickers and look for a house that isn’t alarmed.

     When going on vacation I recommend you have a friend of family member (someone trustworthy) to stay in your home while you are gone. If that is not possible have a neighbor, friend, or family member keep an eye on your home and come by daily to take inrepparttar 141658 mail and any newspapers you have delivered. They should also do a daily walk aroundrepparttar 141659 house and check to make sure all windows and doors are secure. We have had people go away for a couple weeks only to come back and find there home broken into. Later it was determined that their home was broken into only a couple days after they left. The rest ofrepparttar 141660 time it sat wide open torepparttar 141661 elements of weather, and possibly another thief.

     If you do not have anyone available to check your home, and take in your mail, you can have your mail held for you atrepparttar 141662 post office. You can do this online at

     Rememberrepparttar 141663 more difficult you make it to get into your homerepparttar 141664 less likely you are of being a Home Invasion victim.

     For more information of Home Invasion and what you can do check outrepparttar 141665 book "Crime Awareness 101"

Scott Shaper is a former police officer of over 14 years. He is also the author of the popular book Crime Awareness 101. He has written numerous articles and ebooks on crime prevention which can be viewed at his web site

National ID Card? Congress Approves Electronic ID Card

Written by Richard A. Chapo

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From a practical standpoint,repparttar Department of Homeland Security will put forth specifications forrepparttar 141416 cards. It is believed thatrepparttar 141417 cards will be issued through state DMV offices and may be incorporated into drivers’ licenses. To obtainrepparttar 141418 card, citizens will be required to produce a photo identification, proof of address, social security number card and possibly finger prints or retinal scans. The information will then be digitized and put into a federal database. The particularly scary element of this is that there are no limitations on whatrepparttar 141419 can be required byrepparttar 141420 Department of Homeland Security. Can DNA samples be far behind?

Backers ofrepparttar 141421 Act argue that it is needed to stop illegal immigrants from obtaining drivers’ licenses and prevent terrorists from “hiding inrepparttar 141422 open.” Opponents arguerepparttar 141423 cards constitute a national ID card, gross violation of civil rights and platform for massive identity theft. Whether you supportrepparttar 141424 Act or not, it is undeniable that big brother will have you in his sights beginning May 2008.

Richard A. Chapo is with - This article is for information purposes only. Nothing in this article is intended to address the reader’s specific situation nor does it create an attorney-client relationship.

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