Tips for a Great Recording Session

Written by Richard Dolmat

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6.Know When To Quit. Recording often leads to diminishing returns. Spending 20 hours in a row atrepparttar recording session isnít going to make your song twice as good as spending 10 hours. This rule also applies to mixing. If youíre tired, callrepparttar 110017 session and come backrepparttar 110018 next day fresh and ready.

7.Record Alone. Donít bring your friends, family, parents or anyone else into your sessions. As fun as it may be, you are there to do a job and recordrepparttar 110019 best music possible. If you are a millionaire, then by all means, have a party atrepparttar 110020 studio, but donít count on getting anything done.

8.Mix and Match. After lettingrepparttar 110021 engineer dorepparttar 110022 first rough mix alone (which he should) do an A/B comparison of your mix to some of your favorite CDs. Remember thatrepparttar 110023 production CDs you are listening to have already been mastered. But itís a good way to compare levels and panning.

9.Bring Spares. Always bring spare strings, drum heads, bass strings, water bottles, throat lozenges, etc to a session. Youíll always needrepparttar 110024 one thing you forgot to bring, so bring it all and leave them atrepparttar 110025 studio until your recordings are finished.

10.Have Fun! This is THE most important point of all. Creating and recording music isnít rocket science. Although there is a science involved, you should letrepparttar 110026 engineer worry about that. If youíre not having fun, then youíre inrepparttar 110027 wrong business!

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Home Theater Furniture & Seating

Written by Matthew Seigneur

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Finally, keep in mindrepparttar features you want in your seating. This will affect not only price, but ease of use, ergonomics and comfort, and ease of cleanup. Rocker and reclining seats will be more expensive, but more comfortable. Seats with cup holders inrepparttar 110016 arms may also be more expensive, but will save space by eliminatingrepparttar 110017 need for side tables, and may keep cleanup low. Viewers will have a stable place to put their drinks, rather than trying to balance them on their laps and then find a place to putrepparttar 110018 drink when they need a bathroom break. Some home theater seating even has massage units built in!

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