Tips for Writing an Informative Article

Written by Lakshmi Menon

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4. Remember to leave enough white space in between your paragraphs. You may wonder why should it be? Readingrepparttar matter onrepparttar 135590 monitor is different from reading onrepparttar 135591 printed page. It causes eye strain and for some people neck pain also.

5. Try to write small paragraphs, which is easy to read. Most ofrepparttar 135592 people will be just scanningrepparttar 135593 matter within a short time. Therefore,repparttar 135594 smallerrepparttar 135595 paragraphrepparttar 135596 easier to read.

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The Benefits of Journal Writing

Written by David Hoss

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Journal power, or how I learned to write my own journal.

Journal writing is one ofrepparttar easiest activities to perform. You don't need a fancy notebooks. A simple notepad will suffice. I personally use OMNI. I find they make me feel right at home writing on them. Then again, you don't even need a notepad. If you have a pc you can create a file for your journal. This is good for those who get wrist cramps from writing withrepparttar 135520 traditional notepad and pencil.

With journal writing, your aim is to simply describerepparttar 135521 events ofrepparttar 135522 day, your thoughts andrepparttar 135523 actions of others. The special and not so special events in your day. The mundane or special, they are all potential material for your journal.

Here isrepparttar 135524 tricky part. You have to sit down and write. Talking about it and wondering what to write down is not journal writing. It is only when you actually sit down and start writingrepparttar 135525 events of your day that you are journal writing.

Since this journal is just for you, it doesn't have to be spelled perfectly or even be neat if you can read not so great handwriting. As you continue to write, you will improve in both spelling and handwriting.

It doesn't have to be neat or perfectly spelled. This exercise isn't about spelling, structure or neatness. Instead, it's meant to promote plain and simple activity. If you write more often, even if you feel it's bad, you will improve. The key to improvement in any activity is to practice often, and writing is no exception.

Keep on with it and byrepparttar 135526 time you've wornrepparttar 135527 journal out, you will be more observant, more skilled in writing and detail, and you will have a stronger grasp onrepparttar 135528 world around you.

Every story has to end. Closing.

Journal writing can be tedious or it can be a wonderfully fulfilling experience. It's all in what you make of it. The journal is your personal canvas to describingrepparttar 135529 events of your world and your life. You arerepparttar 135530 main character. Enjoy your story.

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