Tips for Handling Bogus Phone Calls

Written by Kevin Carraway

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Keepingrepparttar chain onrepparttar 142905 door, ask callers fromrepparttar 142906 council or any other organization to pass through some identification. If you need your glasses to check this don't think it's rude to closerepparttar 142907 door and go and get them. A genuine caller won't mind. If you're still not sure, askrepparttar 142908 caller to leave and tell them to write and make an appointment so that someone else can be with yourepparttar 142909 next time they call. The basic rule is if you don't knowrepparttar 142910 person at your door don't let them in.

As part ofrepparttar 142911 Government's "Stop, Chain, Check" campaign, local councils, social services and Age Concern centers have further information they can provide to older people. They can also help with door viewers, chains and mirrors, and in certain circumstances, may be able to supply a personal attack alarm that connects through to a control center.

Never take your safety for granted. Criminals won't hesitate to take advantage of your generosity by pretending to need to use your telephone.

Kevin Carraway is the owner of, which specializes in Stun Master 775,000 volt stun guns and offers a free crime prevention tips newsletter.

The Big Lie

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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There are no 'black and white answers' yet we are taught to think there is a 'correct answer' as we takerepparttar spiral staircase of education founded upon an industry of professional testing gurus. Emotional Intelligence is regarded with less than proper respect while soft spoken common sense waxes and wanes withrepparttar 142667 passage of childhood into middle aged crazy behavior driven by mantras like 'He who dies withrepparttar 142668 most toys - WINS!' To be in control of establishingrepparttar 142669 questions makes one able to eliminate all aspects of thinking about alternatives and allowsrepparttar 142670 status quo to maintainrepparttar 142671 course. No doubt I could continue for a long time engaging myself in dumping clichés and hackneyed phrases or jargon. The courts of this world are studies in obtuse and evil outcomes. Herewith or inrepparttar 142672 last part, (chuckling as I think of legal briefs) I offer my opinion asrepparttar 142673 only 'expert' on double-talk and salesmanship, with ethics. To know that you can get what you want and choose to give all you can, is what Jesus would want and I have enjoyed getting to know what is RIGHT!

Author and Activist for ethics and real history that can overturn One Pie ideologies that say man is unable to co-operate. Man has been lead by those who only co-operate for their own good.

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