Tips for Good Business Writing

Written by June Campbell

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It is jarring to a reader to encounter tense changes suchrepparttar ones in this paragraph:

"We started our business in 1995. We sold and serviced vacuum cleaners. My brother and I do everything ourselves."

The sentence would be better if written like this:

"We started our business in 1995. We sold and serviced vacuum cleaners. My brother and I did everything ourselves."

Use Consistent Spellings and Punctuation

Certain words or terms can be written correctly in more than one way. For example, "ecommerce" and "e-commerce" are both correct. The key is to pick one spelling and use it consistently throughoutrepparttar 129365 document.

Similarly, Jane Doe, MD and Jane Doe, M.D. are both correct. Again, you want to pick one usage and use it consistently.

If you're using numbers, decide whether to userepparttar 129366 number signs or to spell outrepparttar 129367 word. It's a common practice to spell out numbers under ten and to use numerical signs for numbers over ten. i.e. We have eight employees." Or "We have 28 employees."

Limitrepparttar 129368 use of Adverbs and Adjectives

Business writing is improved when adverbs and adjectives are removed or used sparingly.

For example, "Our new facility is very, very spacious" is better written as, "Our new facility is spacious."

"Our spacious, new facility really meets our needs," is better written as, "Our spacious facility meets our needs."

And, most importantly of all:

Strive for Clarity

Be clear about your message. Identifyrepparttar 129369 main point you want to make forrepparttar 129370 entire document, then condense that point into one sentence. You might use that one sentence, or you might not. But you MUST decide what it is. If you have not formulated this one point in your own mind, your writing will not portray repparttar 129371 most important thing you want to communicate.

For example, what isrepparttar 129372 one main message I want to communicate with this article? It is sentence #1.

"You can contribute significantly to your business' success by developing your writing skills."

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Writing Made The Rich #4: Paulo Coelho

Written by Michael Southon

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In 1986, on instructions from his mentor within RAM, Coelho undertookrepparttar pilgrimage to Santiago di Compostella in Spain.

The following year he published The Pilgrimage, an account of his experiences onrepparttar 129363 'Road of Santiago'.

In 1988 he wroterepparttar 129364 book that would make him an international celebrity, The Alchemist, a story about following one's destiny and being open torepparttar 129365 universe of signs and symbols.

The Alchemist became an instant best-seller and has since sold over 11 million copies worldwide.

Coelho's eight novels have sold over 37 million copies in 56 languages and have been published in 140 countries.

In 1998repparttar 129366 French magazine 'Lire' listed Coelho asrepparttar 129367 second best-selling author worldwide.

Paulo Coelho has won over 15 international awards for his writing includingrepparttar 129368 prized French award,repparttar 129369 Insignia of Arts and Letters (1996). Critics have praised his writing for its "symbolic language that does not speak to our brains, but to our hearts".

In 1998 Paulo Coelho was received byrepparttar 129370 Pope inrepparttar 129371 Vatican.

He has been appointed torepparttar 129372 United Nations as Special Advisor for Spiritual Convergences and International Dialogues.

Coelho's view on happiness: "The most mediocre thing inrepparttar 129373 world. I'd rather go byrepparttar 129374 idea of joy."

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