Tips for Encouraging Children To Write

Written by Deborah Shelton

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2. Ghost Messaging: Dip a cotton swab into a small container of lemon juice. Userepparttar swab to write a message on a sheet of construction paper. When you're finished, set repparttar 109442 paper in direct sunlight and wait forrepparttar 109443 message to ghostly appear. It's creepy and fun!

3. Hometown Reporter: Read through a newspaper together to get an idea ofrepparttar 109444 kinds of stories journalists write about, and how they word headlines. Encourage your child to write his own articles: investigative, human interest, community events, celebrity profile, etc. "Publish"repparttar 109445 article in a word processing program and send copies to friends and family. Ifrepparttar 109446 article is of mass interest, send it torepparttar 109447 local newspaper!

4. Sidewalk Chalk: Give your little onesrepparttar 109448 power to express themselves and have a ton of fun atrepparttar 109449 same time. Use sidewalk chalk to write poems, jokes and short stories onrepparttar 109450 driveway.

5. Letter Puzzles: This project is fun forrepparttar 109451 writer and repparttar 109452 reader! First, write a letter to someone on a sheet of paper. When you're finished, use a pair of scissors to cut repparttar 109453 note into interlocking puzzle pieces. Placerepparttar 109454 pieces into an envelope and mail or hand-deliver it. The recipient must assemblerepparttar 109455 puzzle in order to readrepparttar 109456 letter!

6. Dear Editor: Encourage your children to voice their thoughts and opinions publicly by writing letters torepparttar 109457 editors of children's magazines, local newspapers and even radio stations! Keep a scrapbook of all published clips, or frame them as a constant reminder of their writing accomplishments.

Deborah Shelton is the author of The Five Minute Parent: Fun & Fast Activities for You and Your Little Ones. Visit The Five Minute Parent for fun rainy-day activities, family links, and a free email newsletter filled with craft ideas, guest articles, contests and so much more!

Specialized Solutions, Inc. Introduces ThinkTank

Written by Cheryl Pelchat

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About Specialized Solutions, Inc. Upon Specialized Solutions, Inc.'s inception in 1996repparttar company focused primarily on training forrepparttar 109441 IT industry. Specialized Solutions has since expanded its horizons, offering custom computer based training (CBT), onsite instructor-led training, and online training strategies for a vast array of topics involving many aspects of corporate technology and culture. Specialized Solutions utilizes learning techniques to address an individual's learning style through *SAVI concepts. Specialized Solutions, Inc. provides cost-effective self-paced learning solutions to successfully train Specialized Solutions' students for a new career in information technology or to meet continuing education objectives inrepparttar 109442 information technology industry, as well as preparation for certification exams. *Specialized Solutions concepts arerepparttar 109443 assessment of learning styles based onrepparttar 109444 Somatic (learning by doing), Auditory (learning by hearing), Visual (learning by seeing), and Intellectual (learning by thinking) techniques.

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