Tips for Collecting Silver

Written by Kathleen Sullivan

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Authenticity. Some collectors frown upon pieces that have been updated, such as replaced knife blades. Silverplated blades are often found with wear. They can easily be replaced on hollow handle knives and some prefer to have them replaced with stainless steel blades. However, stainless steel was not introduced untilrepparttar early 1920s. This is one of those areas which is a matter of personal collecting preference.

Repair. Dents, disposal or other damage can be repaired by a silversmith. Pieces can also be replated. The cost is prohibitive for easily-found pieces but is worthwhile and economically feasible forrepparttar 116238 rare pieces.

Modified Items. Be aware that these exist and learn how to determine if a piece has been modified from its original state. Common flatware pieces are sometimes altered to make them appear to be rare or more valuable pieces. For example, spoons are sometimes cut to resemble ice cream forks. A sugar spoon may have been pierced to resemble a sugar sifter. Avoid purchasing modified pieces for your collection.

Forgeries. New forgeries in popular and rare patterns appear regularly for sale onrepparttar 116239 internet. In particular, salt spoons and rare pieces such as asparagus servers. Many of these pieces have no maker's marks and some have been recently reproduced. Further, forged maker's marks in silver have appeared for hundreds of years. The age of a piece does not necessarily indicate it's authenticity.

Educate Yourself. Many good silver books are available inrepparttar 116240 collecting section of your local book store or library.

Kathleen Sullivan, owner of Bay-dreamer's Antique Silver Chest at specializes in sterling silver and silverplate replacement flatware, with a focus on obsolete serving pieces.

The Art of Stained Glass

Written by Nick Volpe

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A word on foiling. Most of us are familiar withrepparttar traditional form of stained glass that we have encountered in churches which employrepparttar 116237 use of a lead came betweenrepparttar 116238 glass pieces. Copper foiling is an alternative torepparttar 116239 lead came and is no doubtrepparttar 116240 first place a new student torepparttar 116241 art of stained glass will begin. Only after one has masteredrepparttar 116242 "foil", should you proceed torepparttar 116243 "came". Besides, foiling is a much easier process, especially forrepparttar 116244 beginner. I still prefer this method overrepparttar 116245 came method.

There is a little more torepparttar 116246 art of stained glass than what I have described thus far, butrepparttar 116247 fundamental steps outlined below will give you a basic outline on what to expect.

Plan your design; will it be for a window, skylight... repparttar 116248 possibilities will astound you. Let your imagination take you,

Sketch out your design or use a bought pattern available through your retailer,

Cut outrepparttar 116249 individual pieces from your pattern using those special scissors I mentioned earlier,

Applyrepparttar 116250 cut pattern pieces torepparttar 116251 glass to be cut,

Usingrepparttar 116252 glasscutter, score and break (not inrepparttar 116253 literal sense) each piece

Grind offrepparttar 116254 excess glass

"Foil" each piece of glass

Solderrepparttar 116255 pieces together

Clean your work, and

Display your masterpiece!

You will soon come to discover your own favorite step inrepparttar 116256 art of stained glass. For some, it will be inrepparttar 116257 designing stages, that challenge of coming up with your own unique design. For myself, my love forrepparttar 116258 art lies inrepparttar 116259 cutting ofrepparttar 116260 glass. There is a final moment of truth that comes after you have scoredrepparttar 116261 glass withrepparttar 116262 glass cutter; this isrepparttar 116263 part where I hold my breath. As you forcerepparttar 116264 glass to run (I'll explain that in another article), you'll begin to seerepparttar 116265 glass crack alongrepparttar 116266 scored line as you hoped it would. With all things inrepparttar 116267 universe being wonderful,repparttar 116268 glass breaks as you had intended. Occasionally it won't; that'srepparttar 116269 breaks! But don't worry, glass is relatively inexpensive and you'll get itrepparttar 116270 next time.

The author gained expertise by designing and making stained glass works for family members and friends. You can view some of his work's at

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