Tips On Being An Independent Consultant

Written by Colin Ong TS

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5)Don’t Make Too Many Promises!

As you start your new consultancy, you should give value-added services and not be too accommodating to your initial clients. The reason is that they may actually pass information about your “low” pricing plan and omitrepparttar fact thatrepparttar 125583 pricing plan has a “use-by” date. We feel that it is better to get a few big contracts to boost your consultancy’s credibility first. Also remember to seek permission to quote your clients as references.

6)Target Public Tenders

Regularly, there will be calls for public tenders for various projects. Your consultancy should gear up for these public exercises even though your consultancy is relatively new. The reason is that this will give you discipline and encourages you to be more aware ofrepparttar 125584 business climate in your industry. As a personal case-study, my consultancy learnt a lot aboutrepparttar 125585 minimum requirements and expectations about being accepted in our industry just by applying for public tenders. You can say that this isrepparttar 125586 best way of getting a reality check.

7)Build Alliances with your employees

As you start your recruitment drive, be mindful that your new employees have a difficult task of building new alliances for your consultancy. You can make their tasks easier if you could accompany them to networking opportunities.

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Written by David Stoddard

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That's why each year whenrepparttar pages onrepparttar 125582 calendar become fewer, and it's time to get a new one, we begin to think ahead of what we can accomplish.

When we get that new calendar, WE haverepparttar 125583 chance of filling inrepparttar 125584 empty spaces with our own plans, our own things to do, our own moments to live for. You know, it's funny. We look back at our lives and wonder just where allrepparttar 125585 time went. Yet, we look forward to something and feel it is just so far away, and wonder if it will ever get here. Well Virginia, yes, it will get here.

It's likerepparttar 125586 story of two friends talking. One saying that he would like to change his whole career and become a teacher. But says it will take 4 whole years of classes and studying and tests and grades before he finishes, and he'll be four years older by time he is done. His friend asks him just one simple question. "How much older will you be in 4 years if you don't go back to school to gain that piece of paper that says you can teach?

Time will go by no matter if we like it or not. So this time of year, somewhat of a pre-amble torepparttar 125587 New Years resolutions, is our chance to adjust our game plan. Our chance to peek back to see where we have come and how far we are willing to go. It is our chance to get out next year's calendar and fill inrepparttar 125588 blanks so we can have a "better-than-the-year-before" experience.

David Stoddard is a writer, commentator and motivational speaker. His electronic newsletter (Que Sera Sera) is dedicated to giving it's readers a gentle kick in the pants toward their dreams. Subscribe by visiting the web at or by sending a message to

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