Tips For a First-Time Mom

Written by Jackie G. Maxwell

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It's important that you have a break fromrepparttar constant focus of your everyday activities withrepparttar 151022 baby. This can include many at-home activities as well, like reading, quilting, or even crafts that you enjoyed beforerepparttar 151023 birth. The baby will be just as happy watching you relaxed and involved in your hobby, as they would be if you were doingrepparttar 151024 laundry.

You might even find a group for mothers at your church or local community center. Sharing tips for a first-time Mom with others, is one way of easingrepparttar 151025 pressures and worry of whether you are doing things right, andrepparttar 151026 time out, even with baby, will be a change in routine that you'll welcome!

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Non-Violent Family Friendly Games Is A Big Trend.

Written by David D. Deprice

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Wild West Wendy

Did you think bartending inrepparttar Wild West was easy? Think again! Help Wendy in her journey from naive barwoman to Saloon business expert, and settle an old score inrepparttar 150981 process. Wendy will have to endurerepparttar 150982 constant harassment from thieves,repparttar 150983 danger of escaped criminals stopping at her saloon for a couple of drinks,repparttar 150984 usual mess caused by bar fights, and findrepparttar 150985 truth behindrepparttar 150986 most weird characters to ever walkrepparttar 150987 Wild West - isrepparttar 150988 town's undertaker a vampire? Did that guy drink invisible ink or is he a ghost? Sounds like too much? Don't worry - Wendy will make new friends and loyal allies to help in her quest to winrepparttar 150989 Wager ofrepparttar 150990 Century against an evil rancher!

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Gutterball 2

Gutterball 2 is a realistic, fast-paced and attitude-filled 3D bowling game - all controlled byrepparttar 150991 flick of a mouse. Enjoy amazing pin physics, three unique alleys, four hilarious commentators, and over a dozen customizable bowling balls. You can even customize your own 3D bowling ball with an image from your hard drive. Play Gutterball and strike it BIG. Five brand-new alleys, 25 new eye-catching balls, tricky computer opponents, more modes andrepparttar 150992 most realistic physics to date. Check outrepparttar 150993 re-birth ofrepparttar 150994 original 3D bowling game!

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