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Written by Margaret Svete, Ph.D.

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Primary toys are your dog's favorite. Leave these out for your dog when your not around. This helps reduce separation anxiety because your dog associates you leaving with his getting his favorite toy.

Secondary toys arerepparttar toys to have out when you are home. Be sure to pick uprepparttar 125428 primary toys.

And finallyrepparttar 125429 third set of toys is used to rotate withrepparttar 125430 repparttar 125431 first set. Trainers recommend swapping toys every 3 days or so. This helps keep your dog interested in all his toys.

And always choose toys wisely. Try to buy toys that match your dog's size. And always make sure there are no dangerous small pieces that your dog can chew loose and swallow or worse yet - choke on.

Check out this link to check outrepparttar 125432 gang's favorite toys:

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Tolerance Gage is screaming - "I can't take it anymore"

Written by Sharon Lambkin

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Why is it that when 85% ofrepparttar people want something that a power hungry judge can changerepparttar 125427 rules and makerepparttar 125428 85% conform torepparttar 125429 15%. Something is wrong with this picture.

It is likerepparttar 125430 frog that was cooked before he knew it - he put up withrepparttar 125431 heat turned up a little at a time and he didn't realize it - people - we are being cooked a little at a time - open our eyes and speak out - shout out - do something besides say - that'srepparttar 125432 way it is.

Most all great governments have been destroyed within -repparttar 125433 signs are here - we are our own worst enemy - get back to our principals, morals and beliefs - don't letrepparttar 125434 political correct ruin our country and our ways. Don't wait until it has all happened and you can't do anything about it - STAND UP, stick to your beliefs - vote - write letters, make phone calls - speak out.

Do you realize when a law is passed that is not popular withrepparttar 125435 people - there is very little outcry because everyone thinks there is nothing they can do about it - you are wrong - you are a force of ONE - but together we are a force of MANY!!!!

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