Tips For Moving To Another Country

Written by Rod Morris

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YOUR HOME - Think about what you want to do with your current home (e.g. sell it, lease it, leave it empty) and what kind of accommodation will be most suitable in your new country. If you don't know anyone inrepparttar new country who can help find accommodation, considerrepparttar 141420 services of a relocation agent.

EMPLOYMENT - Will you be looking for work in your new country? If so, consider starting your job hunt before you go (userepparttar 141421 Internet!) Will you be able to use your existing qualifications or will a period of retraining be necessary? If you're moving somewhere where they don't speakrepparttar 141422 same language as you then you should...

LEARN THE LANGUAGE - Few skills will have such a positive impact on your relocation experience as being able to speak, or at least understand,repparttar 141423 local language. Getting to grips withrepparttar 141424 local lingo before you go is a great idea!

PAPERWORK - No matter how insignificant that old document atrepparttar 141425 back ofrepparttar 141426 bottom drawer may seem now, take it with you,repparttar 141427 chances are at some stage you'll have to show it to someone. Moving countries can be a bureaucratic nightmare atrepparttar 141428 best of times but if you come prepared withrepparttar 141429 necessary paperwork you standrepparttar 141430 best chance of a stress free relocation. Things to think about include birth certificates, wedding certificates, educational certificates, medical certificates (including those for your pets!), etc.


Rod Morris is the owner of Expat Focus - - a leading web site for expatriates and anyone considering a move abroad. Rod is himself an expat having moved to the Netherlands from the UK and he has also travelled widely throughout Europe, the US and beyond.

Toronto, the New York City of Canada

Written by Clint Leung

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Toronto is a live theatre town, second to perhaps only New York or London. The theatre district on King Street has a lively after theatre scene including restaurants and clubs. Duringrepparttar day,repparttar 141378 world renowned Royal Ontario Museum, Art Gallery of Ontario andrepparttar 141379 Planetarium showcase treasures from aroundrepparttar 141380 world (as well as out ofrepparttar 141381 world). Many also come to seerepparttar 141382 Hockey Hall of Fame.

Toronto has Canada’s largest Chinatown. Actually,repparttar 141383 growth ofrepparttar 141384 Asian population has resulted in four different Chinatowns inrepparttar 141385 greater area. The main one is centered around Spadina and Dundas. The dim sum in Toronto is one ofrepparttar 141386 best outside of Hong Kong since most Chinese immigrants here were originally from Hong Kong. Other ethnicities are also represented by such districts as Little Italy,repparttar 141387 Greek Danforth area and many others. For outdoor markets,repparttar 141388 Kensington and St. Lawrence Markets are great. Since Toronto is so multicultural, it is an excellent place to try out different cuisines.

For animal lovers,repparttar 141389 Metro Toronto Zoo northeast ofrepparttar 141390 city is world famous and will take an entire day to see. Duringrepparttar 141391 summers, Canada’s Wonderland is a family oriented theme park just north ofrepparttar 141392 city. Niagara Falls, one ofrepparttar 141393 natural wonders ofrepparttar 141394 world, is just ninety minutes away and worth a day trip or even an overnight stay. There are just too many things to see and do inrepparttar 141395 Toronto area to mention in one article. Vancouver hasrepparttar 141396 ocean and mountains while Quebec City has that old European touch. But to see world class live theatre and Canadian multiculturalism at its best, Toronto is where it’s at.

Clint Leung is owner of Free Spirit Gallery , an online gallery specializing in Inuit Eskimo and Northwest Native American art including carvings, sculpture and prints. Free Spirit Gallery has numerous information resource articles with photos of authentic Inuit and Native Indian art as well as free eCards.

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