Tips For Installing Vinyl Flooring

Written by Lee Dobbins

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3) Measure twice, cut once. Measurerepparttar room properly so that you getrepparttar 137631 right amount of vinyl. Don’t forget to add in for any jogs inrepparttar 137632 room. Make a template ofrepparttar 137633 exact floor using builders paper and transfer that template ontorepparttar 137634 vinyl using washable pen. This way you can get a pretty close cut that you can just fit in.

4) Let your vinyl acclimate. Let your new flooring sit inrepparttar 137635 room for 24 hours before you install it.

5) Follow Instructions. Followrepparttar 137636 manufacturers instructions for layingrepparttar 137637 floor. Typically, you will apply adhesive to half and roll that out, then dorepparttar 137638 other half. Use a roller to make sure it adheres well – roll fromrepparttar 137639 middle out torepparttar 137640 edges.

6) Refrain from walking on your new floor for 24 hours.

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Here There Be Dragons – The Symbolism Of Dragon Lore In Western History

Written by Faith Harper

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The dragon also plays a vital role in Arthurian legend. While actual Arthurian dragon slaying tales are minimal, dragons are invoked for symbolic reasons in relation to key Arthurian figures. Arthur himself, along with his father Uther, was often referred to asrepparttar “head dragon” (usingrepparttar 137538 more archaic term Pendragon). In this instance, dragons represent conflict, discord, and dissention. King Vortigen’s prophecy from Merlin usesrepparttar 137539 symbology of dragons to announce his imminent fall from power. Merlin tells Vortigen that his tower rests on two warring dragons, creating an unstable foundation for his future leadership.

For Tristan and Lancelot,repparttar 137540 most famous dragon-slaying medieval Knights ofrepparttar 137541 Round Table, dragons represent an all-consuming passion that lead to their downfall. Tristan is thought to have slain a dragon shortly before meeting Isuelt, who heals him fromrepparttar 137542 wounds he obtained during battle. The love potion they drank together was listed as dragon blood in many accounts ofrepparttar 137543 famous story. Lancelot’s dragon slaying is done in order to save Elaine, whom Lancelot has a torrid affair with, thinking she is Guinevere. Again, many ofrepparttar 137544 accounts of this tale attribute Lancelot’s affair torepparttar 137545 mind-altering affects of a dragon-blood potion.

While dragons are often used to symbolize evil itself (orrepparttar 137546 embodiment of evil inrepparttar 137547 form ofrepparttar 137548 Devil), dragons also represented many ofrepparttar 137549 byproducts of evil, including rage, power, passion, and strife. Ironically, these powerful images are in direct contrast torepparttar 137550 role ofrepparttar 137551 dragon in Eastern mythology, whererepparttar 137552 dragon invokes an almost Christ-like form as a benevolent creature that representsrepparttar 137553 son of heaven.

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