Tips For Creating Your " TO DO " List

Written by Joe McHenry

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Some managers prefer to have separate sheets for each type i.e. one sheet forrepparttar "A" list, another sheet forrepparttar 117399 "B" list etc.

That way you know you are working onrepparttar 117400 most urgent tasks fromrepparttar 117401 listing itself becauserepparttar 117402 A list should always be on top.

So what do you do withrepparttar 117403 C items? If you have staff, then delegate - if not, decide if you are going to complete them or not.

Dispose of all items you decide are not worth doing.

Instead of re-writing your list each morning an alternative method is to spendrepparttar 117404 last 15 minutes of your day on your list so that you can start immediatelyrepparttar 117405 next day.

4. How Pareto's Principle May Help You

Pareto was an Italian economist who observed that 20% ofrepparttar 117406 people in Italy owned 80% ofrepparttar 117407 country's wealth.

This has been found to have real significance and has resulted inrepparttar 117408 80/20 Rule.

Broadly speaking 80% of all results come from 20% of all efforts. So identify which 20% isrepparttar 117409 most important and you can't help but be more successful.

One word of caution - items onrepparttar 117410 B list which are not completed within a reasonable time scale have a habit of suddenly becoming a major A item!

I have used a "TO DO" list for many,many years and it enabled me to keep on top of my responsibilties and enjoy my family life. I sincerely recommend that you use such a list.

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4 Things About Multiple Streams Of Income You Should Know

Written by Lisa Cope

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Another good question. Your making me work here!

The main reason it is so important to have multiple streams of income is to insure that you will maintain a consistent monthly income each month. Some months it may be higher than others but it will be a constant flow every month.

Just think if one month your basic product sales are low, you will still haverepparttar income from your advertising sales and your affiliate programs. Then mayberepparttar 117398 next month you don't sell as much ad space on your website as usual, you will still have money coming in from your product sales and your affiliate programs.

If you didn't have multiple streams of income coming in then you may have no income at all! That's Not Good!!

Now I'm not saying that if you have your own product or program that you should stop putting your heart and soul into promoting it and start adding all kinds of other things to your already busy schedule. I'm just saying it is a good idea to add a few more eggs to your basket to ensure that you will maintain a consistent monthly income.

I truly hope you have found this information helpful and that I have given yourepparttar 117399 basic information you need to start earning a steady monthly income online.

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Learn why maintaining multiple streams of income is so important to your online business.

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