Tips For Buying Your First Model Train Set

Written by Robert Anderson

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HO scale is 1:87 size with 16.5mm track gauge and a minimum radius of 15 inches. HO scale is an excellent size to appreciaterepparttar detail and running performance without being too cramped. Also, many HO scale enthusiasts say that HO is ideal for running their model trains using a digital setup. If you’re looking for model trains that require lots of switching operations then HO enthusiasts will generally agree that HO scale is an excellent choice.

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Building a Simple Book Shelf

Written by Dave Markel

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Base The base wraps three sides ofrepparttar book shelf withrepparttar 145055 back being left open. The base is 3” high and is mitered atrepparttar 145056 corners. It can be attached by drilling a ¾” countersink and driving a 3” screw intorepparttar 145057 bottom ofrepparttar 145058 first shelf.

Onrepparttar 145059 two side pieces attach at each end and withrepparttar 145060 front attach at each end plus once inrepparttar 145061 center. The miters can be reinforced with biscuits.

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