Timeline of Merck's failure to act on removing Vioxx from the market

Written by Michael Monheit, Esquire, Monheit Law, PC

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2001: "Dr. Deepak L. Bhatt, a cardiologist atrepparttar Cleveland Clinic, proposed to Merck a study of Vioxx in patients with severe chest pain. Merck declined, sayingrepparttar 119239 patients proposed forrepparttar 119240 study did not reflect typical Vioxx users." September 2001: FDA sent Merck a warning letter stating that Merck's promotional campaign for Vioxx "minimizesrepparttar 119241 potentially serious cardiovascular findings" in Vigor. Septmeber 2001: Merck required byrepparttar 119242 FDA to send letters to physicians acrossrepparttar 119243 country "to correct false or misleading impressions and information." 2001: Merck achieves $2.5 billion dollars of sales of Vioxx. 2001: Study critical of Vioxx appears in The Journal ofrepparttar 119244 American Medical Association. Data from several clinical trials of Vioxx showed that Vioxx may increaserepparttar 119245 risk of heart attack and stroke, and thatrepparttar 119246 danger from Vioxx appeared higher than other Cox-2 drugs. October 2002: Study by an epidemiologist at Vanderbilt University, found that high doses of Vioxx caused significantly more heart attacks and strokes than similar patients who were not taking high doses. 2002: Elucida Research examined Vioxx and found that Vioxx damagedrepparttar 119247 lipids and caused an increase in blood clots. Late 2002: Merck faces initial lawsuits from individuals suffering from strokes and heart attacks April 2004: Harvard Medical School found that Vioxx raisedrepparttar 119248 risk of heart attacks relative to Celebrex. June 2004: Researcher showed that Vioxx increasedrepparttar 119249 risk of hypertension. August 2004: Epidemiological study F.D.A. researcher based on Kaiser Permanente health care system data showed an increase cardiovascular risk for Vioxx. Study showed increasedrepparttar 119250 risk of heart disease 3.7 times Septmeber 2004: Merck withdraws Vioxx fromrepparttar 119251 market. October 2004: Thousands of people come forward with claims that their heart attacks and strokes had been caused by Merck's Vioxx. October 2004: "Dr. David Graham, estimates Vioxx had been associated with more than 27,000 heart attacks or deaths linked to cardiac problems." November 2004: SEC announces an investigation into Merck's misrepresentations to its investors. November 2004: Congress announces hearings into Merck's failures andrepparttar 119252 failures ofrepparttar 119253 FDA to regulate Merck. November 2004: The Justice Department launches investigations into what Merck knew and whether there was corporate/criminal malfeasance. Merck now claims that it took "prompt and decisive action" once it knew Vioxx was dangerous.

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Written by Mark B. Replogle

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