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Written by Ken Myrback

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If your still with me and like this whole fluid time idea. Try this:repparttar next time you’re in a boring situation, like say stuck in traffic, Relax take a few deep breaths and tell yourself that “five minutes are as one" and repeat that several times. This will change your perception of time so though you will still have to drive those five minutes they will seem like only one minute. And I am willing to bet thatrepparttar 122352 commute won't "seem" nearly as long as usual. There are so many application of this conceptrepparttar 122353 only real limit is your imagination. Allot of people are fascinated byrepparttar 122354 concept of time travel. There is a lot of controversy both inrepparttar 122355 scientific community andrepparttar 122356 hypnosis community. From everything I have read I believe that using current life regression and past life regression as well as other modalities it is possible though not physically possible to go back in time it is possible to alter past personal events to effect your present and your future. The reason I believe this is possible is that not only is time flexible but so is our perception of our reality. For example, let's say there is someone who is deathly afraid of heights because of a trauma as a child. But using any of several techniques we removerepparttar 122357 trauma from that memory so that all subsequent height memories no longer have that trauma and fear connected with them. That person would no longer have a fear of heights. So, have we traveled back in time? I will leave that for you to decide. Butrepparttar 122358 same concepts can be used to visit past lives as well for either therapy or discovery. It felt as though I have been writing for well over an hour but in fact by my watch it has been about 40 minutes. Notrepparttar 122359 five to one ratio I was hoping for but that will come with practice. Go have some fun, go change your perspective today.

Ken Myrback along with his wife Maria are Certified Hypnotherapist and Energy Healers. They can be reached in their office: Holistic South, Inc. 770-713-2804 Or onrepparttar 122360 web at: www.holisticsouth.com

Ken is a Certified Hypnotherapist and Energy Healer living and working in Metro Altanta.

Energy and Reincarnation 2 of 3

Written by Ken Myrback

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For a lot of you this will click as it did for me. Your thinking ok, so why would any soul want to come here if it’s so hard here? Let me answer that question with this question? Why do people climb mountains or kayak down class five rapids? The easy answer is what a lot of people say “because it’s there or maybe, it’s something I haven’t done yet!” The more true answer I believe is because we are driving ourselves to work through our issues so we can grow. A lot of people now a days seem to have forgotten this though, they are so busy just “trying to get by” that they have forgotten what they are on this planet to do. I was confused with this concept at first when I thought about allrepparttar depressed, confused and generally messed up people inrepparttar 122351 world. Well, for some of those peoplerepparttar 122352 lesson they are working on is related to their situation orrepparttar 122353 situation they are working through is part of their path. So they are exactly where they are supposed to be on their path of development. Others however have strayed from their path. But with guidance, both energetically and otherwise along with a willingness to change anyone can find their true selves again and get back on their true path.

Ken is a Certified Hypnotherapist and Energy Healer living and working in Metro Atlanta.

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