Time and Psychic Power

Written by Dale Power

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To correct for this we will have to make sure that we:

Target specific events and give them unique patterns that our sub-conscious minds can identify easily. Gaining a good feel forrepparttar specific target before you begin. Make sure that you identify it as a unique and special happening before you begin. Also ensure you are in a deep conceptual state without too much linking to similar patterns. This will help keep you on target.


Pick targets that have stability once you have influenced them. Biological processes are a good example. Once you have healed a living thing, or made any change to its system, it tends to continue to reflectrepparttar 122130 change for a while. Things likerepparttar 122131 weather,repparttar 122132 state of an object orrepparttar 122133 location of an object are good examples as well. You get more out of each attempt, as it can make changes over time, and not lose most of your effort. All of these things will tend to hold on torepparttar 122134 changes made rather than immediately shifting back to their previous state.

Use all of your psychic abilities. If you can locaterepparttar 122135 specific “now” ofrepparttar 122136 event that you wish to influence on a psychic level, it is fairly simple to “lock” into it, making sure that you are not just throwing psychic power at any similar event that has ever happened. So it is useful to not divorce your psychokinetic techniques from your information gathering talents. Feedback is essential for improvement over time.

We live with a specific relationship to time. While we are not going to increase raw power by improving our targeting in regards to time, we can greatly increaserepparttar 122137 level of effect, by controllingrepparttar 122138 “when” of things as well asrepparttar 122139 “what”.

This article and other helpful information can be found at -http://healing.worldispnetwork.com Please feel free to use this or any other materials onrepparttar 122140 site as you wish. We only ask that you reproduce this article as a whole, includingrepparttar 122141 above link. Thank you.

Dale Power is a psychic healer, researcher and educator that has been focusing on ways to improve psychic functioning in humans for the last twenty years. Go to: http://healing.worldispnetwork.com to find out more about the work being done.

The Role of Zen in Martial Arts

Written by Jeffrey M. Miller

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Zen,repparttar most popular form of Buddhist thought known today, is directly related torepparttar 122129 cross-cultural interchange between Martial Arts andrepparttar 122130 many philosophical systems that came together as these teachings travelled from India, acrossrepparttar 122131 Himalayas, through China and into Japan. Ironically, many Westerners have no idea that Zen is a form of Buddhist study and practice, nor is it usually seen as much more than "seated meditation" to most martial artists - both teachers and students.

Japanese Zen Master Taisen Deshimaru often wrote about Zen andrepparttar 122132 principles of Bushido, or "the way ofrepparttar 122133 warrior," which grew, in part, out of Buddhist thought.

The principles of:

Gi:Havingrepparttar 122134 right decision, right attitude,repparttar 122135 truth Yu:Bravery tinged with heroism Jin:Universal love; compassion Rei:Right action; courtesy Makoto: Utter sincerity; truthfulness Meiyo: Honor; high ethical character Chugo: Devotion; loyalty

wererepparttar 122136 common ground betweenrepparttar 122137 monk andrepparttar 122138 warrior. In fact, there is no difference betweenrepparttar 122139 two.

Deshimaru emphasized thatrepparttar 122140 learning and practice of these principles is a lifelong process, and needs to take place "...inrepparttar 122141 body, throughrepparttar 122142 unconscious." The ancient tradition ofrepparttar 122143 Martial Arts is an internal process, a gradual connection with one's own deep-seated intuition. Deshimaru explains: "Inrepparttar 122144 spirit of Zen . . .everyday life becomes a contest. There must be an awareness at every moment: getting up inrepparttar 122145 morning, working, eating, going to bed. That isrepparttar 122146 place forrepparttar 122147 mastery of self."

Jeffrey M. Miller is the founder and master instructor of Warrior Concepts International. He specializes in teaching the ancient ways of self-protection and personal development lessons in a way that is easily understood and put to use by modern Western students and corporate clients. To learn more, visit his website at http://www.warrior-concepts-online.com

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