Time Saving Laundry Tips

Written by Carrie Lauth

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Train them too to put their dirty socks inrepparttar mesh bag. Even if they're too young to do so, put all dirty socks inrepparttar 145415 bag and throwrepparttar 145416 entire thing inrepparttar 145417 washer. They come out clean andrepparttar 145418 washer doesn't eatrepparttar 145419 baby's socks.

Enlist your kid's help when it comes to folding laundry.

A 2 year old can put dirty laundry inrepparttar 145420 hamper and throw clean clothes inrepparttar 145421 dryer when you hand it to them, a 3 year old can fold washcloths, and an older child can deliver clean folded laundry to their room and even hang items.

5) Forget Perfection

When I was a kid we had "play clothes" and "school clothes". The nicer things were what you wore to school and out ofrepparttar 145422 house, and you changed into your play clothes (usually items that had a defect or weren't as nice as going-out clothes) as soon as you got home.

Using this method means thatrepparttar 145423 nicer items don't wear out as quickly, and they may not need to be washed after every wearing. An item that is worn once (unless it's socks or undies) doesn't necessarily need to be washed.

And you may decide that it's not worth spending time removing stains on play clothes, thus saving you more time and money.

Also, try using Oxi-Clean or another non-toxic whitener instead of bleach on your whites. Since it can also be used on colors, it won't berepparttar 145424 end ofrepparttar 145425 world if a stray colored item gets in your bleach load.

I hope these tips help rescue you from laundry room shackles!

Carrie Lauth is a work at home Mom of 4. You can learn more tips for carving more time out of your busy day at http://www.business-moms-expo.com/organized_moms.html

Are You A Leader in the Chrysalis?

Written by Jo Ball

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And I guess what sends us on those searches to pigeonhole ourselves isrepparttar hope that we are as good or better than that standard. Maybe it will help us if we can be recognised as someone or something by a business leaderís standard or a spiritual leaderís values.

And this is okay, but remember thatrepparttar 145414 standard ofrepparttar 145415 wealthy andrepparttar 145416 clean have often been brought into question. Perhapsrepparttar 145417 standard ofrepparttar 145418 person who walks their dog, chatting torepparttar 145419 mums andrepparttar 145420 kids on their way torepparttar 145421 school bus, orrepparttar 145422 parent who can ignorerepparttar 145423 tantrum of their child orrepparttar 145424 lady who helps you settle into a new community by throwing a party for you, arerepparttar 145425 type of leaders we might want to consider being.

Real leadership is not about striving to meet an external standard so that tick can be put in boxes under your name. Real leadership is about living with purpose Ė finding, defining and using your birth given gifts and bringing them torepparttar 145426 foreground in a distinctive way that changes, enhances and glorifiesrepparttar 145427 greater good.

Now thatís real leadership!

Good luck on your journey

Jo Ball x

Coach & Founder, Unstoppable Life

At Unstoppable Life, Jo Ball (LCA, Dip, NLP) is developing the next generation of leaders who have been in the chrysalis. These people are discovering and defining their life purpose. Join Joís Fr>ee newsletter now at Unstoppable Lifeís home page to discover a mass of information other leaders in chrysalis are acting upon. www.unstoppablelife.com

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