Time Management Tips to Help You Have a Great Summer

Written by Carole Pagan

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Girls, use waterproof mascara and eyeliner. The shave minimizing lotions work great too. I haven’t had a male volunteer to see if they work for reducing facial hair growth. Any volunteers?

If you end up with small bits of light laundry, and darker clothes, but not enough for a load of each, those color grabber sheets really do work – except for red clothes. The ones that seem to run forever. Nothing seems to work for those L. Don’t chance mixing reds or new denim with lights. But aside from that, you can get away with mixing withrepparttar color grabber sheets as long as they can all be washed in repparttar 142657 same temperature.

Make it a point to get outside every day. I take a walk with my daughter andrepparttar 142658 puppy every night that she’s home. We get out, enjoyrepparttar 142659 weather, get some exercise, and talk – away fromrepparttar 142660 distractions of TV, radio, telephone, or computers. Sometimes we’ll swim or go to a friends house for a barbeque.

You really want a drastic way to increase your time? Not many of you will do this one- Disconnect your cable TV. You’d be amazed at how much timerepparttar 142661 television takes away from your life. While not many of you would be brave enough to not have TV inrepparttar 142662 house at all, at least turn it off once in a while and go do something! Don’t watch life on TV – go live it!

If you’re working at home – don’t forget you have a life too. Find ways to be more efficient. Don’t read junk emails. Don’t wander aroundrepparttar 142663 net checking out this and that. While you’re working, be working. When it’s time to spend time with your family and tend to your life – get away from repparttar 142664 computer and do it.

Plan time off. Time that you will not work. Time that’s just for fun. Yes, work is important. Yes, your goals are important. But time off is also important. When you take time to play- you’ll actually come back refreshed, full of new ideas, and more productive.

Use these tips to manage your time, and have a great summer!


Carole helps people get their life together. You can find more of her common sense tips at http://CommonSenseLiving.com

Should Real men do housework?

Written by Richmond Acheampong

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1.Decide together what needs to be done inrepparttar home. 2.Sharerepparttar 142656 workload fairly, i.e.repparttar 142657 one who’s better at math doesrepparttar 142658 budget, etc. 3.Give up control and let go. If you want your man to do chores, let him do it his way. 4.If you have children, train them to pick up after themselves and increase their chores as they get older

Should a real man do housework? The answer is up to you, but first define a ’real man’. A real man strives to do what’s right. A real man is confident of his masculinity and is not swayed by media stereotypes. A real man is responsible, and takes care of his family’s needs. A real man will do housework, so that his spouse doesn’t burn out. A real man’s wife feels loved, and his children are secure.

For all you men out there who still refuse to do housework, here is some food for thought: It’srepparttar 142659 new millennium,repparttar 142660 macho man has been replaced byrepparttar 142661 considerate man. Offering to giverepparttar 142662 kids a bath goes a lot further than flexing your biceps. Showing consideration isrepparttar 142663 new turn on. Try impressing your partner by doing your share aroundrepparttar 142664 house and leaverepparttar 142665 explosions to James Bond. Figure out how to use that washing machine.

Richmond Acheampong isrepparttar 142666 Editor and Founder of Parent Tree, an online family resource web site. His site promotes family health and balance thru thought provoking articles, products, advice columns and resourceful links. For more information and articles pertaining to family life, visit: http://www.parenttree.com “Healthy Homes and Happy Families”

Richmond Acheampong is the Editor and Founder of Parent Tree, an online family resource web site. His site promotes family health and balance thru thought provoking articles, products, advice columns and resourceful links

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