Time Management For Home Business Owners

Written by Jason Gazaway

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The best way to stick to a plan is by giving yourself a specific amount of elotted time for each activity you conduct online. If you normally spend 2 hours in forums, and think this is simply taking too much away from your business, set a limit on how much you do it. Say to yourself, "Ok Jason, I will participate in forums for no more than 45 minutes. From exactly 12:15 to 1:00 today, I will spend this time browsing forums and being an active member." And stick with it!

3) Give Yourself A Break!

This may sound a little contradictory, but it's very true. If you have been working consistently for a few hours online, and find yourself to be slipping intorepparttar "dull glare" mode, give yourself a break. Step away from your computer for 30 mintues, and move around. Go torepparttar 116836 fridge and grab a nice cold drink, and relax a bit. When you get done, you will feel more fresh and will be more focused on your list that you've already made to complete your daily business tasks.

4) Punish Yourself For Not Sticking With It.

This may seem a little weird, but it will work if you give it a chance to. For example, let's say that you need to get something done by a certain date and you don't. To make things more productive for you, punish yourself for not getting it done! I personally love those Little Debbie "Star Crunch" cakes. I usually have one every day. One time I told myself, I said, "Self, if I can't eat a Star Crunch unless I get these webpages uploaded by 5:20 today!". And when 5:20 came, I didn't have it done. So I punished myself for not completingrepparttar 116837 task byrepparttar 116838 time I set. I didn't eat one that day.

Let's say you have a favorite TV show you absolutely love watching. You must complete 3 things on your list before you can watch it. And stick with it! Believe it or not, it actually works! But only if you stick with it.

Having many distractions can make things a bit more difficult with productivity when spending your time online. The first things to do to solverepparttar 116839 time management problem is to identify what things are keeping you from being productive in your online business. The next step is to avoid these things at all costs. The hardest part is identifing these distractions. But after you do, more than halfrepparttar 116840 battle is already over! I wish you much success with your businss and all your on and offline goals!

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Internet Marketing For Online Business Newbies

Written by Jason Gazaway

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Some great SEO (search engine optimization) resources are:

http://www.highrankings.com http://www.searchenginestrategies.biz http://www.bruceclay.com/web_rank.htm

5) Paid Advertising On High Traffic Sites

Sometimes, you will find a website that allows advertising on their site. For a reasonable price, they will display your link and sometimes a description for a weekly or monthly fee.

One ofrepparttar best ways to find websites that offer advertising is quite simple actually. You simply go to your favorite search engine, search for your businesses best keyword phrase and look throughrepparttar 116835 results. These arerepparttar 116836 people you will want to partner with, especially if they receive a good amount of traffic. A good way to know if they receive a good deal of traffic to their site is by a neat tool calledrepparttar 116837 Alexa toolbar. You can go directly to that site and download this tool, or you can simply go to :http://www.alexa.com and search for their site. When you getrepparttar 116838 results, it will say something like "Traffic Rank for ________.com : 2,445". The main thing to remember is,repparttar 116839 *lower*repparttar 116840 traffic rank,repparttar 116841 *more* traffic that website receives.So, a site with a traffic rank of 26,983 receives more traffic than a site with a traffic rank of 76,990.

6) Joint Ventures

A Joint Venture (JV for short) is just that. It's a venture that you do jointly with one or more parties. This method isn't only limited to those with their own product, as many people think. The way this works is by setting up a deal with a person who has a very large customer base already. What you do is literally "tap into" their resources. You see, they have already donerepparttar 116842 hard part (creating a list of people who have already bought from them). Now all you do is simply email them with a special proposal, and have them recommend your product/service to their list. This alone can product thousands of website visitors to your website. And inrepparttar 116843 end, can yield massive profits for you if done properly.

7) Having Your Own Affiliate Program

Generally speaking this form of advertising typically applies to those with their own products or services to sell. For example, if you create an information "how-to" digital ebook. Many times your merchant account will have a built in affiliate program manager that will allow people to join, and promote your product or service for a certain percentage that you determine.

Some great affiliate program managers that I have personally have used and recommend are:

http://www.clickbank.com http://www.quickpaypro.com http://www.homebasedbusinessindex.com/webhost.html (built in web hosting as well)

The main thing to remember when marketing your business is to keep your potential customers/visitors in mind. Build a website that caters to their needs and wants. If you utilize these resources for internet marketing, you will seerepparttar 116844 success that most individuals never truly see. Even though what is listed above gives a great starting point, don't limit yourself to what's listed above only. If you truly want to succeed with your online business, studyrepparttar 116845 "Art of Internet Marketing". Give yourself room for improvement, and never think you know enough to "get by" either. Internet Marketing changes as time does, so keeprepparttar 116846 ball in your court, and have fun while playing ;)

================================================================= Article written by Jason Gazaway, webmaster and owner of http://www.homebasedbusinessindex.com and publisher of the "HBBI Newsletter". To subscribe to this free home business newsletter, simply visit his site listed above or send a blank email to: hbbi@inetmarketing101.com for more details.

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