Time-Proven Strategies That Increase Targeted Web Site Traffic For Free

Written by Nickolay Bokhonok

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Once you got targeted visitors to your web site, use time-proven mailing strategies to convert traffic into money. With mailing tools your web site can offer a better online advertising, can use online campaigns, educational materials torepparttar visitors about advantages and benefits or your products/services. Mailing tools help to get real feedback from your clients;repparttar 147182 feedback will shows you else your clients may need from your product/service, what hidden selling potential can be used to generate more sales.

The professional online mailing tool will ensure that you will have constant touch with your prospects, clients and subscribers. Being in touch means making your business relations with clients stronger and more profitable.

Plus you can use one more strategy below to make your email advertising more effective.

4. Trackrepparttar 147183 effectivity of your online business with URL tracking tools.

It is impossible to run any online business withoutrepparttar 147184 tools that help to trackrepparttar 147185 response of your prospects, subscribers and clients to your text ads, to your new offers, to your advertising campaigns,etc. Without tracking this activity of your clients, you will never know for sure what gives you profits and what brings losses.

That is why it is vitally important to know how many clicks where made on your links, how many people reacted to your offers.

This simple strategy can tell you a lot aboutrepparttar 147186 visitors to your web site. For example, you can write ad copy and put three links with three types of offers. When you know how much clicks were made for each offer, you know what offer got better response with your audience - you know what your clients want.

Thenrepparttar 147187 strategy is simple: track and check what gives losses and what profits. Stick withrepparttar 147188 things that give profits, try new approaches and test them. After good testing your web site will turn into a highly effective mechanism that will bring you more and more profits.

5. Use attention-catching technologies to leave visitors on your web site.

Internet statistics shows that a great number of web site visitors may leaverepparttar 147189 web site in 10 seconds after getting torepparttar 147190 web site. And usually these visitors will never return to your web site. That is why it is crucially important to holdrepparttar 147191 web site visitor longer. One ofrepparttar 147192 time-proven solutions for "catching"repparttar 147193 visitors into your list of clients and subscribers; this solution is new-age pop-up window.

When visitors get on your site, you give them some useful info or offer inrepparttar 147194 pop-up. You can give then educational course aboutrepparttar 147195 benefits of your products or service, teaching you clients how they will profit from it. You can give your visitors useful updates onrepparttar 147196 topics that have close relation to your product or service.

All you need is motivate your visitors to submit their name and email torepparttar 147197 subscription form inrepparttar 147198 pop-up window. When they subscribe, you get this visitor into you database.

Once you gotrepparttar 147199 visitor into your database, you can follow up this client with more products and services that you have. You may have more products and services in future, and this visitor will be your potential client for all of them.

But be very careful. Do not flood your visitors with useless offers. If they feel you are pushing them too hard to buy something, they will unsubscribe from your database.

So, you can see that traffic building strategies are not very difficult. But they have one drawback - they take time to be managed. And this is when online will help you. Today there are special tools and software that help to automaterepparttar 147200 usage of these strategies.

These tools will save your time, efforts and money. Byrepparttar 147201 way, Internet marketing gurus userepparttar 147202 automation power of tools as well. And their care for automating gave them millions in online business. Why shouldn't they help you.

Nickolay Bokhonok - CEO And Owner Of DesktopMoney LTD, inventor of Internet marketing software and scripts, successful Internet entrepreneur, owner of the network of various money-making Internet projects. You can learn more traffic building strategies, schemes and tips in "Free Traffic Course" at http://www.FreeTrafficSystem.com

Is Something Missing From Your Keywords Research? (Part 1)

Written by Serge Botans

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- Australia: 127

- Canada: 15

- United Kingdom: 2,653

- USA: 10,851

And still another example, looking atrepparttar keyword "meta keyword",

- Australia: 10

- Canada: 0

- United Kingdom: 57

- USA: 552

If you had a web site that dealt with SEO and you were looking for keywords to target, then surelyrepparttar 147181 above results would prove interesting. For example, you could see which ofrepparttar 147182 4 countries above had an interest in what your web site is about. This in turn would tell you which countries you should target, and which you could safely ignore.

In case you are wondering how we obtainedrepparttar 147183 above results... We did some basic research atrepparttar 147184 Overture site and found that it wasn't all that difficult to do. We also found that Overture providesrepparttar 147185 demand data in 19 countries aroundrepparttar 147186 world, covering Europe, Asia, North America, South America and Australasia. We need to point out that some areas were better represented than others. South America, for example, is represented by 1 country only, while Europe is covered by 11.

By going torepparttar 147187 Overture site, anyone can likewise discover how to use Overture to researchrepparttar 147188 demand for keywords in any ofrepparttar 147189 19 countries it supports.

To go back torepparttar 147190 title of this article... I feel, and I hope that you will now agree with me, that any research on keywords that does not take into account countries is not complete. For one thing, don't you want to know where your visitors are most likely to come from?

In case you are not convinced aboutrepparttar 147191 point I am trying to make, I will try to explain in my next article other reasons why I think that proper keyword research should take into account countries.

Serge M Botans

Serge M Botans is the CEO of http://www.meta-keyword-advice.com, a web site that provides advice on keywords. Free evaluation available. He is also the inventor of CID, which is an altenative to KEI.

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